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I was thinking of getting a new heater. I like the idea of the smart heater by RENA and the FLUVAL LCD heater. Anybody ever use one of these heaters? 50 dollars is a bit pricey so any feed back would be helpfull. 55gal with the RENA Xp3 filter incase you were gonna ask.
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Mega Fish
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Personally, I'm partial to Marineland Stealth Heaters... they are all black and easier to hide and a good strong heater.

All heaters are a bit pricey, but Make sure you get one for a little more than your tank size (ie you have a 55g get one for a 75g) that way the heater isn't over worked during the cold months... If not get one for a 55g and one for like a 15-20g incase one goes out (you dont want to deal with dramatic temp changes... TRUST ME!)

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Sin in Style
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nice cheap prices in the states. shippin is a little high unless your ordering a few items so might be cheaper to hit locally.

i personally use Rena cals but they arnt the new smart ones. i have 6 yr old top lights and my first one just died about a month ago out of 4. I wasnt about to pay for the new smart heaters so i got a jagers instead. one to replace the faulty one and one as back up to offset shipping lol.
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I cannot even remember when I bought my Rena heaters. For my 45lt I wanted a short heater and I bought Eheim.

What you must remember a heater is possibly more important that a filter. The reason for saying that is the cheapies can easily go crazy by that I mean over heat and cook your fish or go off and your fish will die because of the cold temperatures.

But its your choice the better quality heater are more reliable and a lot safer to use.

That is why it pays to always have either a spare on hand for the smaller tanks and run two heaters on larger tanks.


Near enough is not good enough, therefore good enough is not near enough, and only your best will do.
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Small Fry
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you can buy 1/2 inch dielectric unions to go on the hot water heater to match your pipes.if there is a threaded pipe coming out the top of the hot water heater then you need to get 3/4 female to 1/2 female,the 3/4 will thread onto the hot water heater and the 1/2 inch pipe will go into the top of the unions,if there's no threaded pipe coming ou the top of the water heater you will need to get 3/4 inch male to1/2 female

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I'll leave the "quality" to those more experienced than
I. However, when you purchase one, buy one that is large
enough for your tank. Above the Mason-Dixon line in the
States, it is generally recommended that you use the 5 watt
per gallon rule. Thus, a 55 gallon tank would require at
least a 275 watt heater. Longer tanks should have two and
I would stick with the Watts/gallon rule for both as at
sometime, they both will be heating the tank at the same


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