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Small Fry
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Currently using Eheim external filter.

Having problems with accumulation of air inthe filter which is quite nosy, happening quitye often. Must be a way of reducing the problem, apart from putting inside a quiet box. Using filter pads and filter wool media. Packed filter wool as tidht as possible to reduceas much space as possible within the filter to reduce accumulation of air bubbles. Any sollutions.


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I think you will hear from some Eheim users, but in the
meantime, a couple of obvious.. can bubbles from and air
stone get sucked into the intake? When you are starting
it, are you prefilling the can with water to the top and
then sealing it?


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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
The eheim I ran was very quiet it was part of the ecco range.

How long has the filter been running, in terms of hours. I've always noticed that after a clean the filters run a little noisy for 24 hours or so then end up a lot quieter. It may take a day or two for them to settle down.

My last suggestion is one frank already mentioned, if bubbles, even small ones, have a chance to get sucked in they'll accumulate inside the canister till they work their way out. We have our various canister filters set up with the intake at the front of the tank and the spray bar at the rear of the tank. The bar is below water level to reduce surface agitation.


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