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algae problem General Marinealfieferenzo84219-Dec-2017 06:13 
Need Help with Aiptasia General Marinealfieferenzo84209-Jan-2008 00:27 
Found a crack in my 75 gallon tank Technical Tinkeringalfieferenzo84401-Nov-2007 23:13 
1 1/2 years later still high nitrates HELP!!! Marine Setupalfieferenzo84626-Oct-2007 16:46 
1 Gal After 2Hrs Ro/Di Marine Setupalfieferenzo84228-Feb-2007 20:55 
Setting Up A 29 Gallon Saltwater Tank Marine SetupTetraKeeper10119-Feb-2007 15:50 
I bought a ro/di unit!!! Cuple of pointers please Marine Setupalfieferenzo84417-Feb-2007 15:11 
Canister filters Marine Setupalfieferenzo84615-Feb-2007 19:32 
Sick Of It Need Help Please Marine Setupalfieferenzo84314-Feb-2007 19:00 
Help puffer has been blown up for 4hrs General Marinealfieferenzo84409-Feb-2007 23:42 
Ro Do Filter Any Good? Marine Setupalfieferenzo84509-Feb-2007 07:54 
Id This Please General Marinealfieferenzo84720-Dec-2006 03:44 
Every 3 days this is what my tank looks like why? Marine Setupalfieferenzo84319-Dec-2006 05:52 
Nitrates out of control! Help tap water updated
Pages: 1, 2
Marine Setupalfieferenzo842513-Dec-2006 13:37 
My rocks smell very bad like a pass due filter? Marine Setupalfieferenzo84706-Dec-2006 09:10 
A Nano Reef Keepingbratyboy2705-Dec-2006 22:21 
Back again after a long time Need a little help please General Marinealfieferenzo84820-Nov-2006 10:52 
Porcupine Puffer tank mates? General Marinealfieferenzo84420-Nov-2006 10:48 

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