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Fish Guy
Mega Fish
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male canada
I was wondering what vegtables are good to feed fish? I have used cucumber in the past, but was wondering if there is any other types that are good to use.
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The girl's got crabs!
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female australia au-newsouthwales
Mine tend to like zucchini, lettuces, capsicum (bell pepper), squash, and spinach.

The cray like harder things like carrot and raw pumpkin.

What sort of fish are you wanting to feed?

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Catfish/Oddball Fan
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male usa us-delaware
Callatya's question is a good one.

To add to the list, I have also used cabbage (Napa) and winter melon, although zuchinni is another usual fare my fish get.

Deshelled peas are something people use successfully as well, although I do not use them.

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Mega Fish
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male usa us-california
Lettuce, cabbage, de-shelled peas, zuchini, spinach, are what i have used...

some people use tomatoes, but usually you want to stay away from sweet or acidic fruits or vegetables.

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Fish Guy
Mega Fish
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male canada
I'm planning on trying the veggies out on my Leporinus, try to get more in its diet. It gets lots of frozen foods, but I'd like to give it some actual vegetable matter rather then supplemented with flakes.
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria
Fish Guy

If you have a look at My Profile you will what I have used over the years for my fish in the community tank.
Be Careful with some veggies make sure they are clean. Eg never use the prepacked lettuce leaves they are washed in chlorine (Iceberg seem to be the best) some lettuces can be bitter.


Near enough is not good enough, therefore good enough is not near enough, and only your best will do.
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
Defrosted, deshelled frozen peas are quick and easy. Never had them ignored by my fish either


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Fish Master
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female australia au-newsouthwales
My BN plecs love pumpkin.

Pumpkin is a good one to leave them if you are going to be out of town for a few days. Leave zuchini or cucumber in the tank for more than 12hrs & you pretty much have a huge mess in your tank, but pumpkin holds together quite well.

I know fish are ok to leave for a few days without food, but my BN's were still quite young & so, after some research, I tried the pumpkin & it works great.

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Big Fish
My bubble...
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female usa us-michigan
EditedEdited 02-Feb-2010 13:48
Not trying to hijack the thread, but has anyone ever tried sweet potato or yam? I don't think it would brake down very fast, but they are starchy. I know because of the coloring, they are chuck full of vitamins. What's the feed back on those? (Just asking, 'cause I get them regularly.)

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Kelly ;o}
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Fish Addict
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male newzealand
Corn, Carrots, courgettes, brocolli, cauliflower, peas, beans, pumpkin, cabbage, lettuce, potatoes, apples, oranges...Pretty much anything is worth a try. Mine wouldn't touch silverbeet though. I've never tried sweet potatoes.
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