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Does CO2 Deficincy can cause a Ph drop from 7.0 to 5.5 General Freshwaterseventh_son_of_ed313-Jun-2007 04:46 
Ballon Molly Livebearers Lanerickyz1112-Nov-2006 22:08 
Which fish is eating my plants? Planted Aquariacrusha1105-Jul-2006 03:13 
Will my fish be oky?
Pages: 1, 2
Getting Startedreneeandpauly13508-Jun-2006 02:05 
Need Help With Gold Spotted Pleco Bottom Feeder Frenzyrocker231028-May-2006 18:59 
Light Cycle and Rooting - An observation Planted AquariaEndo.Crono.Logic1105-May-2006 06:10 
Can an agelfish be with a Dwarf Puffer Cichlid Centralseventh_son_of_ed501-Apr-2006 03:35 
Discus and Livebearers Cichlid Centralseventh_son_of_ed828-Mar-2006 01:48 
Fishkeepers Rejoice!
Pages: 1, 2
NewsAdam3119-Mar-2006 18:35 
Corys going to the surface Bottom Feeder Frenzyseventh_son_of_ed412-Feb-2006 23:57 
Can a Goldfish eat a Neon Tetra Coldwater, Watergardens, and PondsTW812-Feb-2006 22:29 
DIY Stand and Canopy.... with a twist Technical TinkeringRacso310-Feb-2006 01:35 
Update: Trigonostigma espei; Field: Main Colours Reviewed ProfilesLITTLE_FISH401-Feb-2006 11:42 
Update: Trigonostigma espei; Field: Comments Reviewed ProfilesLITTLE_FISH401-Feb-2006 05:23 

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