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WTB ~ Different Crayfish Species
Any Spiny Cray (Euastacus) Koonacs / Black Crayfish (Preissii) Pearl Blue (Albidus) Blue (Rotundus & Depressus) Gilgies etc...... etc...... Any othe...
Yabbadoo019-Dec-2008 03:11
Bolivian Rams for sale.
I have about 30 baby Rams which won't work out with my 20g tank. Anyone want to buy some? I bought the parents for $13 each. I'll sell the babies f...
mnventurer010-Dec-2008 19:49
Several fish free to a good home.
Hello everyone, I am in the process of having to rearrange my house and it is going to be necessary for me to idle my tank for about 3 months. There...
Cmreds030-Nov-2008 07:58
Green terror, male 16cms, showroom quality $70 ono
For sale: Aequidens rivulatus, otherwise known as green terror. Male, just starting to develop a hump. Absolutely stunning specimen, showroom quality....
cichlidchick130-Nov-2008 03:38
Excess Plant Scraps? Pomona. Ca
Hi guys, well I'm looking for some plant cuttings that anyone is willing to give away or sell for reasonably low prices. I dont intend to resell, just...
brandeeno028-Oct-2008 03:20
65 Gal Fish Tank - Complete Setup, Very Profession, Tons of Extras (Universal City, TX)
Hello everyone, Been an extremely long time. The time has come for me to sell off my fish stuff. Military life is taking me places this fish tank wou...
JIsabelle218017-Sep-2008 19:05
Looking: for solo Picasso clownfish
Tampa florida.. Anyone have any connections for an ORA grade A or B picasso clownfish....
bettachris209-Sep-2008 18:41
Eheim Universal Pump 1046
This pump can run continuously either under water or outside above water. It has an integrated pre-filter. Box has been opened, but the pump has nev...
TW031-Aug-2008 14:40
Eheim Prelininary Filter for sale
Box has been opened, but item was never used. The Eheim Pre-Filter is for trapping particles of coarse dirt already in the suction area. This preven...
TW031-Aug-2008 13:56
200L Water Ageing Barrel
I have a 200L water ageing barrel for sale. Location is Menai (Sydney, Australia). If anyone is interested, it's listed on ebay [link]http://cgi.eba...
TW031-Aug-2008 10:46
2ft Tank Light
I have a 2ft light for sale. Location is Menai (Sydney, Australia). If anyone is interested, it's listed on ebay [link]
TW031-Aug-2008 10:44
Eco Complete Planted Tank Substrate.
Hi I have 6 x 9.2kg bags of eco complete planted tank substrate for sale. If anyone is interested, I have listed them on ebay [link]http://cgi.eba...
TW031-Aug-2008 10:41
Minneapolis Area
Edit: Silver Fish are gone now...
General Hague015-Jul-2008 09:01
Nj,De,Pa Ponds
Hello, If anyone in these areas is looking to build a pond or is thinking about one. Then contact me if your looking for a quote. I have been doing l...
Barb_Fan2510-Jul-2008 22:40
FS - Endlers
Hi All, I have a heap of purebred endlers livebearers for sale. Pickup only from Mona Vale on Sydneys northern beaches. $10 per pair. Bring a contain...
Dangerous Dave007-Jul-2008 02:17
FREE Floating Water Sprite Aust Only Sorry
I have more to give away the average postage cost is under $10 any where in Aust. I have posted several lots and never a problem. As it is a floa...
keithgh416-Jun-2008 07:39
4 X 40W Tubes
Not sure if these are useful to anyone, but they've only got 8 months of use on them. 2 x plant tubes (Aquaglo and an Atman one) 1 x Sunglo 1 x pur...
Callatya016-Jun-2008 07:06
Breeders in Oregon?
Hi, if you have breeding fish and too many babies to know what to do with in Oregon I can give your fish a good home. I've been keeping African Cichli...
Psilocybin015-Jun-2008 00:19
Fingerling Rainbows For A Good Home
At long last, the baby rainbows are now big and strong enough to sell off, what I have are 23 female Melanotaenia splendida inornatas' (aquarium- str...
Ironhand74109-Jun-2008 08:33
Large Tiger Oscar (Pomona, California, USA)
Here is the Deal. My father and I bought an Oscar last year and we were really excited about it. Well today, the oscar has grown quite a bit since the...
brandeeno011-May-2008 02:51
FREE water sprite excellent easy plant Aust only sorry
I have more Water Sprite to give away cost postage only. It is an excellent plant for live bearers and helps in cycling a tank. I am in Vic interstat...
keithgh128-Apr-2008 02:34
NNJ - Cherry Barbs for sale - USA
As luck would have it, my cherry barbs won't stop having babies and making my 90g aquarium look small These are healthy, tank raised cherry barbs...
lochness&ruby015-Apr-2008 14:56
3 Platy's free to a good home around Dallas
I have three adult Platy's that I would like to give away to a good home in order to free up some space in one of my tanks. The Platy's consist of 2...
Cmreds306-Apr-2008 08:39
For sale, 125gal saltwater reef in south easter Wisconsin
I have a established Saltwater tank, about 5 years old. 125 gal tank with stand about 150 pounds of live rock about 150 pounds of live sand Some cora...
dthurs002-Mar-2008 22:07
Moving Sale
i have a 50 gallon tank,glass top and light. i am also selling the iron stand. i am asking $150.00 but all offers will be considered. i have a red tai...
anthony123318-Feb-2008 14:26
75 Gal Perfecto For Sale
My apologies if this is not the place to post stuff for sale. My first time on this site. Lots of great posts though, very informative. Anyway, i...
josephmakoa418-Feb-2008 01:21
WANTED To Buy - Please Look
Wanted: Weird Freaky type of fish to raise. I used to have Red Belly Piranhas, which have recent been made illegal in my state. Of course – I...
bigdog-ct507-Feb-2008 13:42
FS: breeding setup
2x 4ft long x 18inch wide x 20inch high tanks 2x 2ft long x 18inch wide x 14inch high tanks 1x eheim wet dry 2227 (6months old) 1x HOB fluid bed fil...
Alex324-Jan-2008 01:40
Looking for snails
Looking for snails: Free or Resonable Looking for bulk quanities for my personal large tanks Color is irrelivent, but would berfer larger bree...
bigdog-ct012-Jan-2008 18:12
Sailfin Pleco Looking For A Bigger Home
I have a 9-10" sailfin pleco that's outgrowing my 45 gal tank and I don't have anywhere to move it to. I've had him (or her) for almost 6 years, he wa...
fish479130-Dec-2007 04:23
Not To Be A Pester-Er, But Does Any One Has Unwanted Livebearers?
i have gotten really inclined to keeping livebearers. their easyness to keep and their liveliness make them especially fun to keep in my tanks! i am...
brandeeno013-Nov-2007 05:43
I am looking for fish, snails, & plant adoptions
I’m looking for fish, snails, & plant adoptions I am looking for free adoptions I got two additional tanks, and am looking to stock...
bigdog-ct009-Nov-2007 02:50
Rescued Fish Needs A Better Home. *Free Fish*
A few days ago I was in a chain pet store and some moron had bought a socolofi cichlid to go with her guppies XD When she figured out what a moron sh...
Gilraen Took508-Nov-2007 08:04
Only a few plants are ready to ship but I am going to keep growing for a week or two still before I order shipping supplies. I have Valisneria Java Mo...
Budzilla504-Nov-2007 04:43
Rocks collect only Mornington Peninsula Vic
I have one big rock removed from 5ft tank basically 60cm X 10cm X 10cm It is the red rock there could be other rocks as well. Have a look in...
keithgh101-Nov-2007 02:50
African cichlids to good home (Sydney)
Venustus Maingano Electric blue Red Empress Hongi Island Mpanga They are in my 4ft. I would like to redo it as a shellie tank. Anyone able to give t...
wish-ga029-Oct-2007 04:34
Want some Crypts? Melbourne, vic
I'm not sure exactly what species they are- they were sold to me as 'Mystery Crypts'. They have long, pointed leaves, some of which undulate, andare p...
Ferox121-Oct-2007 08:01
55 gallon tank and stand with overflow box in Indiana
I may be upgrading to a 110 gallon tank soon and would have to sell my 55 to pay for it. The tank is 2 years old I think and comes with an iron stand...
truestar211-Sep-2007 02:54
Revamping the FP.COM fish trade!
Okay. I was thinking about all the fish I used to have and I remember someone sent me 20 baby kribs and I was supposed to send him 2 Frontosas but the...
inkodinkomalinko030-Aug-2007 07:28
WTB 220L Food Grade Drums in Sydney, Australia
Hi Guys I want to use one of these for water storage, but can't find any in Sydney at the moment. All on ebay are interstate and pick-up only. Any...
TW1116-Aug-2007 12:56
Boston area fish tanks?
Hi. Does anyone know of a good site to buy a used 75 gallon tank or so in eastern mass? I have been checking ebay and aquabid a lot, as well as a fr...
jboston19720-Jul-2007 16:40
Angels for Sale OKC to Fort Worth
Have several Koi - Silver cross angels for sale. They are silver with blotching and have the beautiful red eyes of the Silver dad. Quarter to over h...
patrickDominick010-Jul-2007 18:51
A Lot Of Swords For Sale Or Trade!
Okay, I'm trying to weed out the swords from my tank so I'll have more room in it. I've got around 10 4-6" amazons for $.75 each, a couple "medium" o...
Gilraen Took606-Jul-2007 18:55
Red Cherry Shrimp - WTB in Sydney Aus
Hi there Wondering if anyone know where I can buy these little keys in Sydney Australia? Thanks in advance for any clues....
TW523-Jun-2007 13:35
75 Gallon Tank For Sale-Missouri
Hey Guys I'm putting my 75 Gallon Tank with stand, light, hood, Eheim 2217 Canister filter, Heater, Rocks and all the little extra decor I have for it...
slimdicky002-May-2007 03:07
Clown Barbs- Free to a good home - NY
A friend of mine has 2 clown barbs which are 4+" that he wants to get rid of. He ordered a bunch of fish about a year ago and he got them as a subst...
Doedogg301-May-2007 16:37
Betta in Indiana
Hi everyone, I have a male betta in a .5 gallon bowl that needs a home before I graduate and move home. He's a very pretty VT with red fins with purp...
superlion023-Apr-2007 01:54
Discus breeders Sydney, Aus
Hi, I am looking to buy some juvenile discus, but want to buy off a breeder, not from a lfs if possible. Does anyone know of any that sell to the pub...
misty666660705-Apr-2007 08:55
Selling Full SW Setup in NJ
Well I am looking to get rid of my big tank. Just not enough time to give it the attention in need so I am looking for a responsible buyer willing to...
captainron19002-Apr-2007 21:20
Java moss Are you willing to Sell?
Hi, Is anyone here willing to sell their unwanted javamoss? I am willing to pay for the expenses, and the Shipping. I can send cash/checks. PM me if i...
GobyFan20071223-Mar-2007 13:53
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