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can hoplo and Porthole catfish be interbred ? Bottom Feeder FrenzydaddySEAL018-Dec-2011 20:53 
holpo vs. porthole Bottom Feeder Frenzybettachris1018-Dec-2011 00:45 
anyone have (or ever have) any "Leopard Bush Fish"? General FreshwaterdaddySEAL1329-Oct-2008 05:01 
a Dwarf Giraffe Catfish OK with Rosy Barbs, etc? Bottom Feeder FrenzydaddySEAL601-Oct-2008 04:07 
Are Silver Dollar fish nocturnal? General FreshwaterdaddySEAL626-Sep-2008 22:24 
Help with heavy rocks in my glass 125g tank, please
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General FreshwaterdaddySEAL2024-Sep-2008 19:27 
How many members here also own Congo Tetras Tetra TalkdaddySEAL416-Sep-2008 19:03 
Are Traces Of Iron On/in Rocks Halmful To Fish?? Water QualitydaddySEAL716-Sep-2008 08:40 
What Do People With up to 200 gallon tanks use for Heaters?....4 or 5 Heaters? General FreshwaterdaddySEAL1108-Sep-2008 15:46 
My Rosy Barbs seem to never get "enough" food...? General FreshwaterdaddySEAL526-Aug-2008 14:09 
I love my school of Congo Tetra, but..... General FreshwaterdaddySEAL626-Aug-2008 14:04 
This garden tester good for plants AND freshwater aquarium pH testing? Water QualitydaddySEAL226-Aug-2008 11:46 
I'm starting up again General FreshwaterSheKoi120-Aug-2008 20:11 
Would this garden product work more accurately than 0.5 step pH water test kit? General FreshwaterdaddySEAL1219-Aug-2008 19:43 
Intermittant blacklight use bad for fish? General FreshwaterdaddySEAL415-Aug-2008 22:17 
"Acid Buffer" better than "Discus Buffer" for lowering pH? and keeping it low? Water QualitydaddySEAL508-Aug-2008 21:50 
How many neons in a closely monitored 55g tank? General FreshwaterdaddySEAL1330-Jul-2008 18:43 
is it normal to have Neons eat so much they have to struggle to stay down from surface? General FreshwaterdaddySEAL728-Jul-2008 01:36 
Callatya, (or anyone)...I will have to remove one of my running filters Water QualitydaddySEAL1125-Jul-2008 22:32 
Longhairedgit..will my UV Sterilizer interfere with beneficial bacteria on my Bio wheel filters? General FreshwaterdaddySEAL525-Jul-2008 15:17 
Can I buy Waterlife products like the "Protozin" in the US anywhere online...Please?? General FreshwaterdaddySEAL725-Jul-2008 09:47 

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