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Will 2 heaters be enuff? General FreshwaterHOKESE529-Dec-2011 14:58 
What happened The Recovery RoomHOKESE615-Oct-2011 12:02 
Jardini Saratoga Cichlid Centralblinky714-May-2011 17:41 
waste of time Cichlid CentralHOKESE101-Feb-2010 03:48 
300Gal Plywood Aquarium Cichlid Centralquick_silver_26941828-Nov-2009 14:55 
Hybrids and Mutants General FreshwaterDr. Bonke1305-Sep-2009 06:23 
going something new,and BIG. Bottom Feeder FrenzyHOKESE1920-Aug-2009 20:53 
Dither Fish
Pages: 1, 2
Cichlid Centralwilly2030-Jun-2009 08:12 
My Aro General FreshwaterHOKESE910-Jun-2009 07:19 
RTB Shark - Feeding Bottom Feeder Frenzysterobin508-Jun-2009 09:18 
Had To Break Up The Multis Cichlid CentralHOKESE008-Jun-2009 03:32 
She Bounced Back Cichlid CentralHOKESE408-Jun-2009 03:23 
Multis Update?Questions... Cichlid CentralHOKESE921-May-2009 11:33 
I Found 1. Bottom Feeder FrenzyHOKESE521-May-2009 11:26 
Tryed To Sell Me A Longtom General FreshwaterHOKESE921-May-2009 11:20 
VERY SAD,i had to put her in the freezer! Cichlid CentralHOKESE1918-May-2009 12:06 
Saratoga Jardinii
Pages: 1, 2
General FreshwaterHOKESE2107-May-2009 14:27 
some MORE multi questions
Pages: 1, 2, 3
Cichlid CentralHOKESE4206-May-2009 12:37 
Hr 669 The Recovery RoomHOKESE705-May-2009 15:49 
Pandas Have Spawned Again! Bottom Feeder FrenzyCalilasseia603-May-2009 10:46 
Some New Pics Photo Boothjase101901-May-2009 21:56 
Blood Parrot? Cichlid CentralSo_Very_Sneaky1701-May-2009 14:13 
ICHY situation The Hospitalwilly629-Apr-2009 09:05 
Make out corner General FreshwaterKellyjhw129-Apr-2009 05:56 

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