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Purple Monster
hey got a purple monster acro as the week end there ill post pics of it and the tank l8er tonight hopfully Nate have you got yours yet?...
nano reefer216-Mar-2006 00:05
Coral eater/fish eater
I'm starting to become very frustrated . After lights on today I saw my rainfordi's goby looked like he got plastered last night and walked down the...
mattyboombatty603-Mar-2006 05:45
Starting a Reef Log
Yup, I'm gonna do it. Start a reef log... I already got the reef I'm going to start seriously keeping the online log AFTER I convert it to a 29 ga...
Racso623-Feb-2006 06:37
Night coral eater
Twice this has happened now. The first time it was one of my acan's, which happened to grow most of it's flesh back after a few weeks. I'm quite PO'd...
mattyboombatty1223-Feb-2006 00:55
Fragging Xenia....With Pictures
Today was my first attempt at fragging xenia. I don't have a big tank, and I don't really want the xenia to get out of control, so I decided to cut so...
mattyboombatty619-Feb-2006 05:11
may upgrade from 20L to 37
If I get a 37 gallon, which is 22 inches tall, would a 65w light be good enough for my soft corals, or would I have to either get a new light or put m...
Racso708-Feb-2006 02:43
How Small Can A Reef Tank Be
I would like to have a reef tank but i only have a little space to put it. i would like to know if you can have a 5g reef tank or if you need 10g or b...
juwel-180905-Feb-2006 18:33
My new 24 gal Aquapod
Finally, after a 4+ month wait, my tank has come in. Lighting; 70watt 1400...
ACIDRAIN705-Feb-2006 17:36
2 Questions
I'm contemplating setting up a reef tank of at least 175 gallons, however I have a couple of questions that I need answering before attempting to do s...
OldTimer927-Jan-2006 04:10
GARF (Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation) Site
I just came across this site and discovered that this organization is right here in my city of Boise, Idaho. I've only just begin to review the data...
OldTimer619-Jan-2006 21:48
Mixing Live Rock?
Happy Holidays! I was just wondering if its okay to mix Live Rock with other rocks? There are some flat rocks i picked up at a nearby lake that...
gisxprt208-Jan-2006 17:07
sk8s 5 1/2 nano soon to be reef
Pages: 1, 2
ok, i've had this goin for a couple weeks and i decided to post about it heres the specs 5 1/2 gallon AGA tank 50w Heater rio 90 powerhead 2-3 inch sa...
reel big mark2118-Dec-2005 21:00
got some sps today :D
hey poeple got my 2nd batch of sps today there were yellow montipora digitata acropora sp. pink birdsnest...
nano reefer618-Dec-2005 21:00
How Much$$$$
i have a 55 gal tank, heater, light, thermometer,stand, how much money will it be for the rest of the tyhings i need for a reef tank how much is liv...
LOACHESRCOOL516-Dec-2005 02:55
Just some eye candy/inspiration
I stumbled across this on RC.....Enjoy [link=]http://reefcen...
DarkRealm Overlord1311-Dec-2005 10:25
new corals?
I've been exiled from my beloved reef tank thanks to college, but my parents are doing an excellent job taking care of it (they went to MACNA without...
chipz201-Dec-2005 13:32
water check
Mysterious blue-green reef chromis death...a young one at that, who was eating fine. Ammonia: .25mg/l NitrIte: <0.3mg/l NitrAte: 12.5mg/l pH: 8...
terranova518-Nov-2005 08:29
Lighting Questions
I ahve been hearing mixed information on lighting for my 55 gallon FOLWR tank. This will eventually become a Reef tank but I do not want to rush into...
dvmchrissy609-Nov-2005 22:15
Just a Q i have 5 sps they are all small about 1"-2" i tested my calc on sunday and it was 460. I tested it again today and it was 390. how are my sm...
nano reefer1708-Nov-2005 02:15
new tank
well, finally, after a month of sitting upright, the new tank is up and running, just filled it tonight. Ill be adding salt in tomorrow, im too tired...
swiftshark88206-Nov-2005 17:37
How is coral aggresive?
How is coral aggresive? i have never actually had a reef aquarium and would like to know what they mean by aggressive coral, do those little weird thi...
Crazy_Coyote120-Oct-2005 06:34
20 gallon reef
i want to make a reef but my only empty ank is a 20g. i want an anenome, coral, sea sponge, star fish, what else could i fit in including fish, i was...
Crazy_Coyote317-Oct-2005 04:39
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Been working on my new tank a lot lately. Updates: 72 gallon RR bowfront 30 gallon sump/refugium (1/3 sump, 2/3's fuge) AquaC EV protein skimmer w...
terranova8211-Oct-2005 01:36
Nano Reef
[font color="#BF791F"]Yep... I'm seriously considering it. The reason I'm going nano is, well, I don't have any other tank to work with Anyway, he...
Racso101-Oct-2005 07:53
ok, i am thinking about turning my 29usg into a nano reef and figure the most important thing is the lighting. only problem is that there are many rou...
chris1017707-Sep-2005 08:26
coralline algea
I have got coral line algea growing already the tank has only been set up three weeks!!! Good or what!...
nano reefer506-Sep-2005 03:51
Finally picked up the new tank!
Just thought I would post some pics of the new tank. I finally went and picked it up...its only been done for a month now. I thin...
DarkRealm Overlord415-Aug-2005 05:42
Red Sun Polyp
I just got a dark red sun polyp, I used to have the orange sun polyp, but thanks to a lion fish I lost it. <img src='/images/forums/puppy.gif' bord...
GuessWho1214-Aug-2005 16:40
I have been told repeatedly that no fish will host with my concy anemone. I paid extra for 2 black & white clownfish, cause I thought they'd look...
pufferpunk206-Aug-2005 17:46
Sun Polyps
Pages: 1, 2
I think I'm going to be picking some of these guys up from a buddy in my reef club on Friday. I plan on feeding brine and mysid I think. I read the...
terranova2305-Aug-2005 12:46
Orderd it!!!!
Hey everyone i was getting borad of my nano the other day there and i was online and saw this amzing cube shape fish tank but it was o...
nano reefer1903-Aug-2005 18:08
Items for sale
1) Aquamedic Titan 1/2 hp chiller, brand new NEVER used. Only had water ran through it to make sure it worked. $400 + shipping. [link=http://marined...
DarkRealm Overlord417-Jul-2005 16:38
Candy Cane Coral
I have a candy cane coral (Caulastrea furcata) he is turning white. Any ideas?...
fishguyoo7517-Jul-2005 00:42
mushroom coral
When i bought my candy cane coral there were about 4 mushroom corals hitchhicking on the stem of the candy cane, but how i have it placed in the tank...
fishguyoo7111-Jul-2005 14:58
Making your own aquacultured rock
Hi guys and gals, Has anyone tried to make their own rock for their tanks?? Ive just gone on to a site that explains how to make aquacultured rock a...
trace-russ423-Jun-2005 21:08
Check this out at my reef clubs web site. http://null]http://null[/link][link= Seminar info just...
fishheadfred223-Jun-2005 03:22
move a Zenia ?
Need to move a Zenia. It's only got one stalk attatched. I don't know how to get it to let go of the rock with out damaging it. Any thoughts?...
fishheadfred821-Jun-2005 01:59
my hitchhiker!!!
Meet my aiptasia-urchin cross. Still not sure exacty what it is...but it's cool. [img]
terranova1116-Jun-2005 23:30
my 29
Pages: 1, 2
Ok this is my 29 gal reef tank me and my mum are putting our reefs to gether into a 120gal so these are the last pics of the tank or it might go...
nano reefer2314-Jun-2005 12:17
NO3 and corals
Does corals produce just as much waste as fish? What I mean is...the final NO3 that comes from the corals will not be much less than fish? I know the...
Week End229-May-2005 12:37
Lava ROck??
I bought lava rock but i dont know if its safe to use. The rock is sorta falling apart, sand and rock residue come out when i rinse it. I got it cheap...
eBGDAE327-May-2005 23:28
preparing for reef tank
I'm taking a marine biology class where im in charge of a 175 (we think) gallon tank. Through a grant we are able to set it up as a reef tank ($1...
oooodkoooo125-May-2005 21:02
New tank!!!!
Hey everyone! Just talked to my mum to get a bigger tank were going to have 2x 150watt me tal halides for light as we are just going...
nano reefer721-May-2005 09:57
Wierd Plant
I need to send a picture to someone of a plant growing in my 100 gal. Tank. The tank is 2 years old and doing very good. But I recently changed my lig...
Don Wagley720-May-2005 14:45
Protein skimmers, are they necessary?
Well, as many of you know I am in the process of moving. The tank got moved on Saturday and things started to go down hill on Sunday. I have lost a mi...
DarkRealm Overlord1816-May-2005 06:46
Protine Skimmer? And Good Combo For Reef Tank? Need Big Help!
i never heard of that before what does it do and how much does it cost? also do u think i would need one for a 30g tank that will soon have 60lbs of l...
Ashneil807-May-2005 04:30
Help Please w/30 Gallon Reef Setup
I've recently acquired a 30 gallon long tank which appears to have possibly been used as a reef tank at sometime. It has been pre-drilled with a glas...
OldTimer904-May-2005 17:16
Bubble tip anemone
How many watts do i need to keep one? I have a 75g tank...
fishguy1702-May-2005 00:37
refugium/sump size.
i have i 120 gallon tank and i am looking into buying the first part of my filtration. right now i am looking at getting the sump tank. i will be us...
Sonic2041401-May-2005 17:55
NERAC- Acropora tips from JB
Real quick... I was luckily able to attend the first annual NERAC conference. Joe Burger, a fellow reef club member and an amazing speaker gave a p...
terranova801-May-2005 03:40
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