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Convert Brackish water to Freshwater...How?
I have a 20 gallon freshwater aquarium. A little striped fish in a petstore was begging me to take him home, however being a profesional amateur fishk...
marsha_mush829-Jun-2005 09:09
"Thai researchers first to breed threatened Archer fish"
BANGKOK (AFP) - Researchers in Thailand said they had successfully bred and raised hundreds of the threatened Archer fish, which had never befo...
trystianity108-Jun-2005 13:23
brackish water 20g
ok i have an empty 20g right now and i want to make it brackish but i only want to use fish that will one day become saltwater so later i can move the...
WesleT729-May-2005 06:10
What do you all know about mudskippers? I have an empty 20 gallon and I feel like going oddity....
djtj825-May-2005 02:11
What is brackish water?
Stupid question but....what is brackish water?...
Kelly309-May-2005 16:09
how to turn to brackish
got a green spotted puffer and the profile says i need to have brakish water so how do i go about doing this i guess u use aquarium salt but how much...
gaz2374408-May-2005 02:09
Mudskipper Feeding
Hi All, I'm in the process of setting up a tank for mudskippers, but before I go ahead and get them, I just wanted to double-check on the types of fo...
alicat1194303-May-2005 07:13
violet goby help
Any info on this fish would be great. I just got one in my 55g with a pleco, blue acara and baby green terror.(once the terror gets bigger he is goin...
idmonte2001126-Apr-2005 07:59
brackish fish list
I'm trying to come up with a list of brackish fish, those that specifically require brackish water This is what I have so far: bumblebee gobies arche...
Theresa_M1125-Apr-2005 17:16
knight gobies
Anyone with experience keeping knight gobies? I have lots of questions -Can they be kept alone or do they need friends? -Are they compatable with...
Theresa_M312-Apr-2005 01:56
possible brackish setup?
This will probably be a 20g tank. I've come up with some ideas/options, looking for input regarding these fish and compatability, or other small fish...
Theresa_M112-Apr-2005 01:52
10 gallon brackish set up?
I am thinking of turning my 10 gallon into a mini brackish tank. I am thinking so far of: 4-6 bumble bee gobys Is there any other small compatible fis...
labrakitty503-Apr-2005 08:26
switching to brackish
If I buy a fish that was raised in freshwater and want to put it in brackish water, should I add the fish to a freshwater tank and slowly add salt, or...
djtj603-Apr-2005 08:22
30 gallon paludarium
My mom's friend is giving away her 30 gallon. I was origionally going to use the tank for African Chichlids, but I decided that I would hold out for a...
djtj003-Apr-2005 07:51
bumblebee gobies and...
I have a 6g Eclipse set up as a brackish paludarium with fiddler crabs ([link=link]"...
Theresa_M401-Apr-2005 18:40
Tank Mates
Ok The Violet Goby in with the Stone fish was a bad idea. My bad! I never in million yrs would have dreamed that a 6 inch fish could eat a 9 inch one....
Shannen401-Apr-2005 16:56
general brack
i want to set-up a brackish water tank. i want to have archers. um. where do i start. also can someone answer me this: brackish, they need salt and...
bettachris1025-Mar-2005 05:58
new to brackish - advice, please
Hi there; So, my Amano shrimp have bred, and now I'm thinking about trying my hand at a brackish 10 gallon setup for the fry. I'm pretty new to the ho...
misty7305-Mar-2005 23:24
Best filter for brackish setup
I have a 20g brackish tank set up with a GSP and a candystripe goby. I currently have a biowheel on it. The biowheel stops working occasionally thou...
just_one_more105-Mar-2005 04:27
Brackish substrate
I have a 10g tank set up with a GSP in it. The substrate is currently sand. I am moving the GSP into a 20g and was planning on using Aragonite (the...
just_one_more315-Feb-2005 06:06
10 gallon brackish setup
Any ideas on what i could put in here? I like figure 8 puffers but i don't know what for tankmates it could have besides bumblebee gobies and i'm not...
Azrael_Darkness512-Feb-2005 05:44
orange chromide
I just purchased 2 of these for my 55 brackish tank and I just want some information about these guys like what they need to survive like hidning plac...
switchbladeclownloach208-Feb-2005 14:50
violet goby question
how long can a violet goby live in a freshwater tank?, I know there not supposed to be in freshwater, and no this isn't my goby I'm referring to, just...
charlie_tuna929-Jan-2005 12:03
algae eaters?
I've just started up a brackish tank, and so far there's only 1 mono and a knight (fan dancer) goby in there (I know they're schooling, but its a smal...
dawlphyn1920-Jan-2005 20:50
bumble bee gobies
I heard that bumble bee gobies can be kept in a 2.5 gallon tank. Would i be able to keep a pair in a 2.5?...
Azrael_Darkness217-Jan-2005 01:18
How to do a "brackish" aquarium
Ive seen alot of cool brackfish fish (gobys, puffers, etc) that seem interesting to keep. Im not exactly sure what I need and how to set up a brackish...
Fishyandrew45313-Jan-2005 08:52
Brackish Stonefish?
I was at the Aquarium Center today and they had a new brackish fish, they were calling it a Brackish Stonefish. It was about 2-3 inches without tail...
puffer_archer004-Jan-2005 00:52
shopping for malayan wrestling halfbeaks?
Where can I buy malayn wrestling half beaks. I have 8 LFS i go to regularly, and none of them even know what the fish is, nor do their suppliers. I...
bracguy81201-Jan-2005 03:07
Bumble Bee Gobi
Any experiences to share regarding these little fish? Paulette...
Paulette1021-Dec-2004 00:04
green spotted puffers and figure 8 puffers
correct me if i am wrong but these are both brackish fish right?...
Azrael_Darkness912-Dec-2004 06:55
water cloudy and love bearers dying
my waters cloudy and my favorite fish just died today my knight goby theres plenty of salt I use a wood stick to put plants in is that causing it I ch...
switchbladeclownloach611-Dec-2004 15:08
Knight gobies
At my petsmart, I saw knight gobies in with platys and mollies! I asked the man, "Aren't they brackish water?" and he said, "Yes, but they're adapt...
smantzer311-Dec-2004 01:01
what kind of salt is best?
i have an empty 20 gallon and am interested in keeping a few bumble bee gobies and POSSIBLY (if they are compatible) a few dwarf puffers as well. I w...
betahex1309-Dec-2004 07:12
Removing algae
As I can see from previous threads, there are no algae eaters for brackish. What I am wondering is if there is another way to remove algae other than...
reverend0222-Nov-2004 20:56
new aquarium
im getting a custom made square aquarium but i dont know what would be good dimensions for a tank with tiger datnoid archer fish moray eel needlefish...
resle520-Nov-2004 21:38
Brackish tank?
Hi everyone I am considering a brackish setup in the future but I want to be well read on the topic prior to setting up the tank. My main question is...
Noddy420-Nov-2004 01:15
Salt creep
Ok, on my brackish tanks, there are several places where I get pretty high amounts of salt build up. So I was wondering if it is ok to "recycle" the...
puffer_archer117-Nov-2004 03:34
Are all gobies brackish dwellers? x...
SuperMummy!516-Nov-2004 01:31
20 gallon brackish fish ideas
here is a diagram in order of highest desire of the animals i have selected to live in my aquarium # OF FISH......FISH 1-2............mudskipper 5-7....
resle1031-Oct-2004 11:05
input on ideas
Pages: 1, 2
here are some stocking ideas first is to put 2 archerfish, 6 crabs, 2-5 needle fish, 2-5 four eyed fish(maybe), 1-2 pufferfish, 4 shark catfish(non o...
resle2729-Oct-2004 00:59
42usgal = what brackish fishies?
I want to stock a 42usgal tank with brackish fish and crustaceans if possible. So yeah just post all the possibilities please. Cheers...
tweaky120-Oct-2004 20:08
Australian tank
can i put an archerfish with a turtle of similar size can i put a turtle in brackish water...
Alex218-Oct-2004 00:21
help me identify!
i was at key largo this summer at pennekamp state park and i saw fish that looked like needle fish and these silver things that looked like silver dol...
resle017-Oct-2004 19:55
Spotted Green or just Green
I currently have a species tank with what I was pretty sure were Spotted Green Puffers. Now I am not so sure if they are Spotted Green (Freshwater) o...
Iriscience1012-Oct-2004 22:02
Favorite brackish fish
Pages: 1, 2
I was curious what everyone's favorite brackish fish is and why. Mine would have to be the Archerfish and the GSP. Archers because it's fun to have...
puffer_archer2010-Oct-2004 22:18
55g brackish
as soon as i (very quickly) upgrade to a much larger tank for my juvinelle silver arowana, i'm thinking of turning my 55gal into a brackish water tank...
bayara506-Oct-2004 06:11
Suicidal Purple Spot
I lost one of my Purple Spot Gudgeons over the weekend. I was gone friday-sunday and when I returned I noticed all three were not gorging themselves...
puffer_archer129-Sep-2004 02:15
whats a gsp??...
pacudude109-Sep-2004 02:14
can you get plants for brackish water they are for puffers let me know if you can thanks...
nano reefer617-Aug-2004 11:33
possible new brackish tank
Pages: 1, 2
In a couple months I may be getting a new aquarium. It will most likely be a 29 USg, 46 USg or 55 USg. For now let's pretend it's a 29. I definitely w...
gartenzwerfe2716-Aug-2004 04:43
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