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Hello everyone
Hi all, It has been a long time since I have been on this site. Who is still around from the old days? Cavey...
Cavey818-Dec-2010 16:22
FYI... I am still alive Just thought I'd stop in and say hi....
Racso601-Dec-2010 22:25
"Premium Options"?
It says that you can upload an avatar but on the top it says vote for us everyday to use these features. Is that it, is all i have to do is vote for...
Action-Jackson211-Nov-2010 21:59
hi all new to forum hows things...
brock408-Nov-2010 05:54
omg hi [but where is the awesome zebera danio background??????]
wow what a king forum. BTW, does any one still keep White could mountain minows? they are the business... but I hear they have gone out of f...
king noget416-Oct-2010 02:47
Back with a updated computer
I had a massive problem not so far back caused by my stupid security program. I decided to do a bit of upgrading. New HD, Mother Board, Processor,...
keithgh1513-Oct-2010 21:07
Tank - grrr or chilled?
A bit of a work situation has made me think. I like things chilled and all getting along. Got me to thinking about the vibes for diff tanks and inhabi...
wish-ga416-Sep-2010 08:32
checking in - how is everyone doing ?
Hello all Haven't been on much as of late. How are you all doing ? Any new setups or fish ? Enjoying your summer ? I've been in 'getting t...
DaMossMan613-Sep-2010 16:58
Hi, I used to be a slightly active member years ago but sadly have no active tanks and haven't for about 5 years. Anyway, I still have my tanks...
black.cat218-Aug-2010 04:14
50-pound jellyfish stings 100 people at N.H. beach
O K, don't go in the water! [link]
Kellyjhw423-Jul-2010 01:40
Hello everyone!!
New to the forums but have lurked for some time now. Just got back into my fish hobby again now that the kids are grown and time has allowed it. I'...
AMD Fanatic421-Jul-2010 13:37
Underwater World
Adam and I took a trip up to Underwater World yesterday. While not as big as some of the aquariums in the US that we've visited, they have some well...
Babelfish226-Jun-2010 03:28
Anyone good at IDing fish from the Great Barrier Reef? (DUW)
I spent most of July this year in Queensland (mostly doing volunteer work), and while I was there I got to do a bit of snorkelling on the Great Ba...
Natalie1425-Jun-2010 20:43
Well hello there
Pages: 1, 2
Newer members won't know me but I still see a lot of the old names around! I've been travelling for most of the last two years and so haven't had...
just beginning2125-Jun-2010 14:38
Aquariums R us..?
ok so iv been looking into the tanks on this site and wondering why they are so cheap, so i was wondering if any body in Queensland, AUS, has had anyt...
willy219-Jun-2010 02:22
Do you vote if not why not ???????????????????????????
Do you realize how low we are ranking????? If when you logged on VOTE only once per 24hrs (unless you can do it on another computer at work or frie...
keithgh416-Jun-2010 04:21
The travels of a 55 gallon.
Just a little story: I used to frequent this site every day a while back. (read on and you will find out why I came back) I have always kept a...
R0B325-May-2010 01:50
New/Old member, Gday.
Hi guys and girls, I used to post and lurk here in the past under a different user name (fan fan) but cant for the life of me remember how I spelt...
orangeLJ119-May-2010 01:43
Do you know about CHAT
I missed Frank as usual two weeks ago tomorrow and there has been only one post since. I can remember big numbers some of my Aussie nights now its...
keithgh914-Mar-2010 04:56
Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009
Babelfish708-Mar-2010 07:10
Packet cake mix
Pages: 1, 2, 3
I'm really truly a from scratch kind of girl. Crafts, construction, cooking, whatever. I rarely use jarred or canned or packet mixes. I think my r...
Callatya4008-Mar-2010 06:23
Creepy coconut crab
OMG I came across this photo and had to share...[link]
Kellyjhw508-Mar-2010 06:22
These photos are just out of this world
Fantastic Photos Keith...
keithgh101-Feb-2010 05:35
Long time no thread
Howdy all, how are y'all going?...
rabbit523-Jan-2010 13:37
My active threads list.Can I reduce it ?
Is there any way I can reduce the number of the Active threads I have please ? Keith...
keithgh720-Jan-2010 02:14
FISHVILLE /Facebook app
Anyone from the site have Facebook and are playing the Fishville app game?.. buying/selling of many fish saltwater.. leveling up/rewards/gifts nume...
itsjustme1966413-Jan-2010 09:09
Anybody out there?
I know I have been away for awhile but where did everyone go?...
lowlight606-Jan-2010 00:50
To all Have a Happy and Safe Christmas
I would like to wish every one and their families a very happy and safe Christmas. From Keith & Margaret :...
keithgh830-Dec-2009 23:11
Image Re-sizer now for W7 Here is download link The old XP re-sizer is no longer compatible with W7. I got this fr...
keithgh029-Dec-2009 08:48
I'm in Your Barnes and Nobles Checking up on your Fishtanks
yes, I've been spending too much time looking at the lolkittahs, I know it's showing. Anyway... Adam and I had driven down to Baltimore yesterday t...
Babelfish826-Nov-2009 10:35
WOW 3 feet of snow!
3 feet of snow in Denver, Colorado before Halloween! Man, Frank you're either dedicated or NUTS!...
Kellyjhw923-Nov-2009 16:59
Its been sooooo long
Check my profile, I was a member a long time ago. Great to see the site has taken off so great to see! I was 14 when I joined I am 21 now! Nice to...
BigBill114-Nov-2009 21:00
Im back!
Hey guys, its been a long time since ive been on here. I lost all my bookmarks ages ago and happen to stumble back on here. Alot has changed so wi...
Forever-mango213-Nov-2009 00:36
Happy Halloween!!!
Babelfish703-Nov-2009 05:34
Whine about cockroach barrier spray
I just need to complain. My house was crawling with roaches. It happens a lot. Every year we put barrier spray around the doors and windows in ear...
Callatya526-Oct-2009 02:42
Aquarium Magazine
Hi, I was wondering what aquarium magazines are out there? I have a freshwater aquarium, but am always interested in learning about all types of marin...
sauerkraut321-Oct-2009 22:55
Dust Storm 2009
My first dust storm Might not be that impressive to the rest of you aussies that have lived with this your whole lives, but usually when viz i...
Babelfish1309-Oct-2009 08:03
Lily ID
Ok garden gurus anyone know what type of lily this is?...
Babelfish627-Sep-2009 06:19
Hello from the beautiful Canadian Rockies...
…and thanks for the warm welcome. I\'m actually in a funny position for a new member. Since I retired from the regular world of work I\'ve been learni...
dicnic62126-Sep-2009 00:19
FISH PHOTO_ Tattooed fish
Lucky characters are seen at a pet market in the south western city of Chengdu. Pet shops in a city in southwest China are offering fish tattooed wi...
keithgh705-Sep-2009 03:25
New Version.. 11.0
I was greeted to a new look this morning when I logged in. Looking Good!! Still exploring! Frank...
FRANK827-Aug-2009 04:24
Wow! Wonderful Weeds!
Ok, so we've got lots and lots of a weed called farmers friend. This stuff is nearly impossible to get rid of as it grows great in poor soil, has bar...
Babelfish523-Aug-2009 02:46
ok so i was surfing craigslist and for $450 they have a 250gal, with stand, with wet/dry filter and decorations!! so i called and they have already mo...
stud_man501117-Aug-2009 09:05
Hey, Americans Apparently, they want to ban import and possession of species not on an "Approved List." This gets a...
Shinigami1003-Aug-2009 15:37
Had to come in and ask a question in the hospital and I thought I'd drop in and say hello.... so Maybe I'll stop lurking and show up again somet...
Littlecatjoe524-Jul-2009 03:56
Power Outage 9hrs+
Oh hell, what a day! After a power cut of 9.5 hours, out of 30+ fish not counting fry, i only had one loss. This an hour after the power has come back...
Mez209-Jul-2009 21:15
Anyone Know What This Is?
Hey guys, I've realized I don't know nearly as many plants as I thought I did. This was growing as a ground cover type plant in our rental, I'd tak...
Babelfish403-Jul-2009 00:41
I'm so happy there are still Drive-Ins
Hey guys, there's nothing like; going to the drive-in with your family being eaten alive by mosquitoes not being able to find a comfortable place...
Kellyjhw630-Jun-2009 17:55
Pm's Bouncing?
hi there, i'm trying to send callatya a pm, but it keeps saying i can't do so... any ideas why? conversely, calla, if you read this, could you pm me...
jase101223-Jun-2009 11:13
Diatoms...Give Them A Break
While most tropical fish hobbyists consider the brown diatoms which populate many aquariums to be unsightly, geometrically-speaking, they are actually...
Sir Syklyd022-Jun-2009 13:00
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