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UV filter
I am looking for a UV filter for my 110g tank. Can anyone recommend me one?...
ingasar223-Jun-2008 01:25
I have an ame...anen...amem...anemone!
I bought some more LR the other day (ridiculously pink, it was looking a bit like Barbie's underwater lair) which I was 90% sure was devoid of any vis...
Callatya621-Jun-2008 16:46
New Fish Pics
Picked up this fang blenny today - lovely little fish he is. tal/James%20Nano/hsdb006.jpg" border="0"> [...
Mez216-Jun-2008 03:21
New Mantis - Spearer
No idea what it is. latin name was "Gonodactylus spp/Squilla" - if its a spearer it cant be a gonodactylus right? I will take some photos real soon. H...
Mez812-Jun-2008 00:14
Chalk Bass Spawned
Hi guys. We've had a pair of chalk bass for about a month now, for about 3 weeks they've been spawning and eating the eggs. It now seems the male has...
Mez104-Jun-2008 21:37
Moving Marine Tanks- Is It Possible!?
Okay, so this would be a really long story but I'll spare you guys the boring details and we'll suffice to say that I have a reef aquarium that is dow...
Alaska302-Jun-2008 20:35
Teeny Tiny Janns Pipefish
Finally managed to catch this guy as he decided to move out of his urchin home for a few minutes: [IMG]
Mez001-Jun-2008 22:06
Some Good photos!
Hey guys, trying out this new camera. [IMG]
Mez501-Jun-2008 21:50
PipeFish - New Tank Update/Pics
Well, i swapped my nano around a bit. well, drastically. Now my tanks been running for around a year, there is plenty of life to support copepod eatin...
Mez327-May-2008 17:32
Flaming Prawn Goby (Discordipinna griessingeri)
Hello! I am the proud new owner of a Flaming Prawn Goby (and I think I got him for a steal at $24.99 CAD!!). I have done some research about him onl...
niggit727-May-2008 03:55
Nano tank
Ok guys hers an update to my tank i just got my water tested at my local salt water fish store 1 hr away and my water in both tanks is excellent so i...
Norrec823-May-2008 03:20
Favorite Saltwater Fish
Pages: 1, 2
Hello, I am going to eventually set up a 110g saltwater fish only aquarium. I was wondering if you would suggest your favorite fish for me to help m...
ingasar3719-May-2008 07:26
Dying Anemone
the dog faced puffer that my step son picked up has taken to picking apart one on my anemones. the anemone is still technecaly in one piece, though it...
dsphero419-May-2008 07:25
A few new photos
Just thought id post a quick update on my deltec. Please excuse the star polyps on the right only being half out as the bloody thing fell against the...
Mez210-May-2008 18:12
Start Reef
I wana start my new 12 gallon nano tank with a reef set up how can i do this what types of musroms should i get and corals my tanks been running over...
Norrec508-May-2008 19:50
filters vs. sumps?
coralreefer206-May-2008 00:29
yesterday i saw a really stunning long horned cowfish. I was going to buy it... But then i thought i remember reading that when stressed the fish can...
Alex606-May-2008 00:22
new BIG marine tank
firstly, HEY! long time since ive been here. basically my gf and her parents have just ventured into SW keeping, they have brought a 69"x24"x27" (1...
Clown_Loach_Kid606-May-2008 00:17
I Have a pet Mantis Shrimp
Woooo. Got this guy today. Just thought i'd post,...
Mez1229-Apr-2008 00:37
Need help identifying
Hi, I have a fish that was sold to me under the wrong name, so I have no idea what it is. I have 2 of these guys. My pictures of them are here: [l...
mer_maiden322-Apr-2008 14:10
Is there a monthly marine fish and reef aquarium magazine out there that you would recommend that I could subscribe to? Thanks Ingasar...
ingasar707-Apr-2008 01:37
Fireshrimp And Bandedshrimp Compatability?
Ok, i have a 90L tank with 2 clowns, 1 humbug, 2 hermits, 3 snails, 3 anemones, and a fire shrimp. My question is, Can i buy a Banded Cleaner Shrimp w...
ThAtGuY11303-Apr-2008 02:56
Flasher Wrasse
Hi all. Picked this up yesterday, after spending ages trying to remove my stupid damsel to rehome with other nasty are a bit blurry but...
Mez101-Apr-2008 22:25
ID required - small striped goby-like creature
Can anyone make a rough ID on this critter? Behaviour-wise, he moves a lot like a goby, with a fair bit of pectoral action and some body snaking. Th...
Callatya421-Mar-2008 04:46
Does live rock...
add to the bioload, effectively reduce the bioload, or work out to be fairly neutral when it comes to waste output?...
Callatya420-Mar-2008 15:57
Cleaning an converting my tank
Hi Please could you give me some advice here. In 2003 i started a SW tank (juwel rio 180). i ran it for 3 years with a mixture of success and failure...
guybrushthreepwood512-Mar-2008 01:39
Flame Scallops
Umm.... It seems i may have made a bad impulse purchase Picked up this lovely flame scallop after a brief research on the internet...the sites i lo...
Mez510-Mar-2008 23:07
55g FO stocking
Hey guys, for the past couple weeks I've had a few Green Chromis running to start up the tank (I'm ambiguous with the number since I've been adding on...
Shinigami610-Mar-2008 19:21
Sand ??
ok so live sand at LFS is crazy. so im wondering if i can use commercial grand sand. i fond some at Lowews [link]
uglyryder1008-Mar-2008 16:54
Plants That Live In Sand
i know there are a lot of plants that dont live in sand but i know there has to be some that do. can you guys send some liks, names, anything my way....
uglyryder108-Mar-2008 00:52
newbie with my first SW
ok i just bought today a 54gal corner bow front. i couldn't wait to get home and do i set up the filter, filled the tank and put salt i...
uglyryder303-Mar-2008 05:06
Started Nano tank
I currently have a nano tank in my room and it consist of 3 hermit crabs 2 snails 1 damsel fish with 10 pounds of liev rock and sand ii have my tank...
Norrec102-Mar-2008 00:03
New Deltec Tank - Who's Buying?
Well, it looks amazing, but at £600 RRP, is it worth it? Features * (1)150 HQI/14K me tal Halide * (4) Nite-Vu LEDs with separate power cord * (2)...
Mez301-Mar-2008 04:39
Wanting to start my FIRST saltwater tank
Pages: 1, 2
Well hey ya'll, I'm new to this topic. I have been wanting a saltwater tank for a few years now, just dont have alota room in our house for a big tank...
spankym133529-Feb-2008 15:53
Branching Hammer Coral Photos
Hi guys just bought this today, thought i'd post some photos now it's been in for a few hours... [img]
Mez1527-Feb-2008 05:37
Nakedness in my tank :(
Grrr. Look where my xenia heads have been going. tal/James%20Nano/nudi018.jpg" border="0"> [img]http://i...
Mez520-Feb-2008 07:59
One year on - the Hermit Crab tank
Pages: 1, 2
It has actually been longer than a year, but close enough I thought I'd do a quick update on my esturine hermit crab setup. We are going well...
Callatya3715-Feb-2008 06:55
Different Clowns
i was looking into getting two clownsfish and wondering on species. what is the difference from false perculas and the tear drop ones, its like tear...
bettachris214-Feb-2008 07:53
New Photos - Macro Algae
Hi guys. Picked up some different Macro Algaes today for my tank, starting to get there now. As you probably know by now its a 24g deltec d&d nano, wh...
Mez1603-Feb-2008 06:19
Nano tank
Well i decided that i want to get a nano tank for college. so that i can have some salt wtaer fish in my dorm. i was looking at a 12 gallon for 100 do...
Norrec925-Jan-2008 00:06
Id this crab
Well, this guy has been in a rock forever, saw it wandering at the front of the tank today so thought id take it out to be photographed - its in a gla...
Mez223-Jan-2008 21:08
Deltec Nano 24 Update.
Hi folks. Here's some photos i took recently of my now (hopefully...) established 24g Deltec Nano. Just got to build the corals up, picked up some Xen...
Mez821-Jan-2008 00:42
1St Timer 75 gallon reef log
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
A friend of mine no longer want his 75usg reef tank and was letting it slip away. So I gave him $200 for his entire set-up. Right now I have all the...
chris10176315-Jan-2008 05:16
Cleaner creatures
I currently have a 14 gallon Biocube. Everything seems to be going well, except for the fact that I have had a lot of algae growth on the walls of my...
ipsomatic9209-Jan-2008 00:30
Need Help with Aiptasia
I got it real bad and i have been using joes juice and it works great but i have about 30 rocks with about 10 heads on each and with the joes juice i...
alfieferenzo84209-Jan-2008 00:27
Marine fish for Brackish tank?
I was wondering are there any fish or inverts that are marine that can also be alright for a low S.G brackish water setup...
Fish Guy204-Jan-2008 03:08
Look what I got tal/Nano/jawfish011.jpg" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> tal/Nano/jawfish011.jpg...
Mez621-Dec-2007 01:23
Got me a new coral today. Blue millipora. It`s my third SPS coral since my improved lighting. Any experience out there on these. http://i71.photobuck...
Melosu581117-Dec-2007 17:28
Protein Skimmers
ive been thinking about converting my 30 gallon to a SW tank. and i keep hearing protein skimmers are essential. what are they exactly? thanks in adva...
sora814-Dec-2007 04:48
Brain coral
Just wanted to post a recent pic of my brain coral.
Melosu58211-Dec-2007 19:24
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