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Blue eye rainbow temps?
Hey all, just wondering if anyone has experience keeping Blue Eyed Rainbows Pseudomugil Gertrudae in a tank around 74F ? I have mine in my 75g tank,...
So_Very_Sneaky1501-Feb-2008 05:29
Odessa Barb
ok so i have this aquarium book it has some 800 species of fish in it. very nice. well anyways i came across something called an odessa barb. the book...
sora501-Feb-2008 04:32
Galaxy Rasboras
IM BACK!!!! and need so more advice.... so has anyone had experience with them and breed them? any help will matter...
bratyboy2725-Jan-2008 22:27
ok so i saw 6 or 7 cherry barbs at my lfs. has anyonekept them? care to share any thoughts or experinces? thanks!...
sora521-Jan-2008 14:57
Proud Owner of New Rainbowfishes
I thought there was a Rainbowfish section, but I couldnt find it. Oh well. I am now the proud owner of a large variety of rainbowfish. My 75g tank now...
So_Very_Sneaky1013-Jan-2008 22:35
if i say, put a red tailed black shark or a rainbow shark in with yellow labs, a peacock cichlid and a o. lithobates, would it work? i would ,love to...
Bubblebrain305-Jan-2008 10:59
Tiger Barbs
any advice/suggestions/comments about keeping regular old tiger barbs( not green or albino or any other kind)?...
F1sh403-Jan-2008 11:02
Puntius Denisonii - Update to Madan's Article
Hi all, Much excitement was made when Madan Subramanian first wrote of his fishing trip to find Puntius Denisonii in their natural habitat. The artic...
lochness&ruby227-Dec-2007 06:13
Lifespan of zebra danios
My zebra danios are 3 years old. What is the normal lifespan for them? I want to replace them with some blue tetras or cardinal teras when they die. I...
clownloachfan124-Dec-2007 00:08
I am cycling a 5 gallon and would like to put a small school of White Cloud Mountain Minnows and a snail in it it. What would be a good number for it...
desertfish1320-Dec-2007 04:51
Fresh Water To Brackish
hello all,,question ?? can redtail sharks,,rainbow sharks, pictus cats,,can they be switch to brackish water,,like the bala and columbians sharks do...
mike/joan619-Dec-2007 07:14
Tiger Barbs Raphael?
ok so i just got a new 55 gal. bout 48 inches long 13 inches wide. im planning on putting my striped raphael in there. i want to put a small school of...
sora611-Dec-2007 06:04
Harlequin Rasbora
Hi All! I love how the Harlequin Rasboras school! I originally wanted tetras, but upon seeing the Harlequins, i was changed. I got myself a few, and n...
GobyFan2007606-Dec-2007 23:26
A Fish Called Wanda
hey guys,in a few weeks i will have a 29 gal long tank freed up,well have any of you seen the movie a fish called wanda,at the very start,there is a 5...
HOKESE1603-Dec-2007 08:06
Pearl Danio
Does anyone here have pearl danio? My fish supplier tossed one in with a batch of gouramis I had ordered and it has turned out to be the biggest boss...
Brengun1201-Dec-2007 01:55
Red Fin Cigar Shark...New Found species??with yellow fins..
Hi, I'm a help me out. I found what looks like a red fin cigar shark but these hv yellow fins instead of red/orange. I hv uploaded them...
zhu021-Nov-2007 09:27
Fin Nipping
I have Crossocheilus siamensis and Puntius denisonii in my fish tank. 1 of my Puntius denisonii has been getting fin nipped by the other Puntius denis...
General Hague1013-Nov-2007 08:45
Fat Danios
i have 4 danios, 2 of them glofish, and they all look pregnant(or full of eggs). every so often, they get skinnier then fat again. i never c babies in...
HorseGal411-Nov-2007 16:04
Fish ID
this is going to be a challenge for all, even the gurus, just because I dont remember alot about the fish I believe it was a rasbora, but the the fis...
Krunchy505-Oct-2007 19:19
White Sturgeon
I was looking to acquire some white sturgeons, does anyone know whether it is ok to have 125 gal. aquarium for one....
parrotheadned1030-Sep-2007 16:04
Giant Danio Spawning
Now from what I have read, spawning these guys are not too hard. I have had these fish for at least 3 years now and this is the first time I have not...
Wingsdlc311-Sep-2007 12:10
Tiger, Green Tiger and Albino Tiger Barbs... the same?
Are these guys all pretty much the same fish with regard to shoaling and behavior? If I were to fill a shoal of 6 fish for example with two of each o...
ScottF611-Sep-2007 00:53
Cherry Barb colouring and behaviour
Hi I have a cherry barb that when I first got him/her was a very light reddish pink colour. After about 1 month, it changed completely to a silver c...
Mitchee502-Sep-2007 05:02
Red Tailed Shark
ok i was wondering i have a 29 with these fish. 6 Bs tetras 4 Bronze cories 3 otos Would a RTBS be too aggresive or terr...
Maddeningdream829-Aug-2007 02:31
75 gallon tank,Albino[3 and getting more species soon] cories ,would like to add a shark[bala,red tailed,ect] could it work?I was thinking about clown...
shadowtheblacklab723-Aug-2007 14:10
Beginning a Barb Tank
So I am moving and having to start all over again and I am interested in barbs. I have a 20 gal high tank and was looking for suggestions on populati...
kaamodt622-Aug-2007 12:12
Bala Shark Tank
im setting up my 180ltr tank just for bala sharks, ive got 3 young ones in there as ive read they like to be in small schools of 3 or more, in the tan...
Bala-UK1118-Aug-2007 02:50
Pregnant Danio?
i just recently added a glofish to my aqauruim and i already had a blue danio and a zebra danio, and now my blue d. is very fat, maybe with eggs. i ha...
HorseGal1017-Aug-2007 16:55
Tiger Barbs: fun fish to watch
I have to tell you, the longer I have these little Tiger Barbs, the happier I am that we got them in the first place. I know they aren't the greatest...
ScottF811-Aug-2007 07:50
Algae Eating Shark?
At one LFS, they were selling a fish for a little less than $4 US. They listed them as algae eating sharks. To me though, they looked like Flying Fox...
General Hague411-Aug-2007 04:38
Longfin Barb
Hi, I've got a shoal of longfin barbs and i have a couple of questions.... Each evening the 2 males out of the 6 really colour up and start fighting...
cols408-Aug-2007 12:29
Raising Fry
Any advice for a first time Fry keeper? Zebra Danio. I want to get this right so any advice will be helpful. Even if its what not to do. Thanks...
FishKeeperJim104-Aug-2007 15:59
Zebra Danio's Helping the Blind
Thought these was intersting [link=Linky1][/link...
aaronfry101-Aug-2007 21:47
Glow Danios- What Do You Think?
i saw some "glow danios" the other day, and i just want to know your feelings about them...
zachf921501-Aug-2007 04:00
Cherry Barbs - Hiding
I have two Cherry Barbs in my tank... a male and a female. The female likes to hide inside a waterfall ornament I have. Similar to [link=this one]ht...
camliner626-Jul-2007 11:19
"Purple" Tiger Barbs
While planning to fill out my shoal of Tiger Barbs once my tank cycles and returns to good health, I have been looking at the various Tiger Barbs: Gr...
ScottF422-Jul-2007 20:19
Cherry Barbs
I remember hearing that cherry barbs are best kept in trios. In the profile here it says to keep them singly or as a breeding pair. Which is best? I w...
superlion617-Jul-2007 21:38
Baby Danios!
Today I decided to move my 3 Danios that were living in my 16 gallon fantasy bowl to the 55 gallon so they would have friends as I have more Danios in...
zookeper403-Jul-2007 01:36
I couldn't find the right place to put this thread, so I hope this is in the right spot. If wrong spot, sorry I'm a newbie to this forum since I just...
General Hague129-Jun-2007 17:57
Popular Danio-Any Idea?
I placed my Danios from my one tank into the 55 gallon today. The 55 already had 6 danios and also the 6 glo-lites. Well, now I notice that 3 of the g...
zookeper226-Jun-2007 00:29
Baby Galaxy Rasboras
Came back from memorial day celebrations to at least 3 baby's. Tank is planted and 3 is all I have seen at a single time. Nice surprise....
pookiekiller12616-Jun-2007 16:23
Pink Ghost Longfin Danios?
Does anyone know of this variety? They seem to be just white or white/grey marbled longfin leopard/zebras, but I'd love to know more about them if any...
Callatya113-Jun-2007 17:42
A Bit Too Much Fish
i have a 25 gallon aquarium with 5 tiger barbs, 6 rosy barbs, 5 zebraa danios, 4 pearl danios, 2 blue longfin danios and a bristlenose pleco. i was th...
Barb Boy312-Jun-2007 03:14
Tiger Barbs Losing Thier Coulors
1 have a 25G tank with 3 tiger barbs (2 just died), 6 rosy barbs, 4 pearl danios, 5 zebra danios, 2 blue long-fin daios and a bristle nose pleco. i r...
Barb Boy103-Jun-2007 02:51
Cherry Barbs are breeding!!
Yay for the novice fish breeder! Today I decided that my female dwarf gourami had to go, she was too rough for my other slower gouramis. I didn't wan...
lioness219-May-2007 00:58
Cherry Barbs?
I have a 15 US gallon tank with a ram, 6 black neon tetras and 2 ottos. It's got some plants, but i'm getting more soon, and a pot. Anyway, i used to...
BlackNeonFerret303-May-2007 17:04
Can I keep an RTS?
Hi I have a 42g tank with 3 zebra danios, 2 rosy barbs, 6 tiger barbs and 6 redeye tetras. Would an RTS be OK with these tankmates? I have plenty o...
Mitchee402-May-2007 18:17
Breeding Tiger barbs?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
Hi, I think my Albino Tiger barbs are in perfect breeding condition at the moment. They are in a community tank and I dont hope to see eggs/fry in the...
mughal1134701-May-2007 18:34
Vertical & listless tiger barbs?
Is it normal for tb's to float vertical? nose down? I've got a couple that have taken to doing that at times. I don't know if they're sleeping or not,...
lysaer330-Apr-2007 23:00
Oh No!(All Input Requird~!~!)
the lfs said that i could get a rainbow shark in my tank its a 33 gallon its 3 feet by 1 foot and 1.6 feet high there is a nice hidding spot for it a...
platy boy1126-Apr-2007 21:43
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