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new loach- Angelicus Botia Bottom Feeder Frenzyztb23120-Mar-2023 08:50 
is my guppy sick? General Freshwaterztb23827-Oct-2021 16:59 
Black algae wont go away... Water Qualitymykalablack4617-Sep-2016 23:52 
new camera Photo Boothztb23406-Jul-2016 19:37 
How to calcify water Invertebratesztb23427-Jun-2016 01:30 
looking for ideas Getting StartedTabs 1306-Jan-2016 00:43 
African dwarf frog feeding problems Bottom Feeder FrenzyBettaFishQueen221-Jun-2015 01:03 
Tiger barbs and Danios...?? General FreshwaterPepeTheKingPrawn630-Mar-2015 04:41 
Two female betta fish living together Labyrinth LoungeBettaFishQueen409-Mar-2015 21:03 
Garage Tank?? General FreshwaterBamaboy88414-Feb-2015 11:48 
buddies :) Photo Boothztb23710-Jan-2015 02:14 
New 55 gallon suggestions General FreshwaterBamaboy88102-Dec-2014 19:45 
low cost tank cooler Technical Tinkeringztb23709-Nov-2014 06:21 
Transferring tanks Getting StartedBinro308-Nov-2014 06:46 
how to deal with a population boom? Cichlid CentralMichelo_69627-Oct-2014 10:33 
tall aquarium plants Planted Aquariaztb23304-Oct-2014 05:56 
java moss and slate Planted Aquariaztb23102-Sep-2014 09:34 
brine shrimp and light Invertebratesztb23218-Aug-2014 14:48 
Experienced pea puffer care General Freshwaterztb23218-Aug-2014 03:19 
new aquarium Getting Startedangeliccreature109-Jun-2014 04:59 
injured fin The Hospitalztb23007-Jun-2014 04:58 
Fertilizers Planted Aquariaztb23308-Apr-2014 06:35 
Fossilized wood Aquascapingztb23805-Apr-2014 23:42 
well its finally here The Hospitalztb23005-Apr-2014 14:06 
Peaceful mid-dwellers? Getting Startedztb23005-Apr-2014 08:49 
what is my snail doing? The Hospitalztb231203-Apr-2014 06:41 
hardy fish to help establish nitrogen cycle Getting Startedztb23130-Mar-2014 15:59 
planting problem Planted Aquariaztb23230-Mar-2014 00:10 
Help, new tank and lost both my African Dwarf frogs and 3 fish Getting Startedalshnicole319-Mar-2014 02:23 
Endler and Fancy guppies together? Livebearers Laneztb23216-Mar-2014 22:04 
fungal infection? The Hospitalztb23012-Mar-2014 08:14 
well im stupid..... Getting Startedztb23611-Mar-2014 08:02 
did this kill my betta? Labyrinth Loungeztb23510-Mar-2014 08:55 
Biowheel? Technical Tinkeringztb23210-Mar-2014 08:44 
black kuhli loach Bottom Feeder Frenzyztb23306-Mar-2014 20:19 
guppies and algae Livebearers Laneztb231724-Feb-2014 02:13 
pregnant guppy? Livebearers Laneztb23120-Feb-2014 10:28 
new 50 gallon tall tank General Freshwaterztb23316-Feb-2014 10:55 
stressed fish after acclimation General Freshwaterztb23212-Feb-2014 04:14 
why did my otos die? Bottom Feeder Frenzyztb23311-Feb-2014 19:28 
does it matter where the thermometer is? Technical Tinkeringztb23308-Feb-2014 21:54 
what shrimp can survive in water with copper? Invertebratesztb23407-Feb-2014 18:32 
air pump problem Technical Tinkeringztb23207-Feb-2014 18:32 
otto behaviors Bottom Feeder Frenzyztb23007-Feb-2014 08:22 
guppies with ottos? Bottom Feeder Frenzyztb23007-Feb-2014 05:58 
one more betta question General Freshwaterztb23004-Feb-2014 10:41 
too many brine shrimp!!!! General Freshwaterztb23002-Feb-2014 22:23 
good or bad way to quarantine small fish? Getting Startedztb23002-Feb-2014 10:01 
brine shrimp Vs fairy shrimp General Freshwaterztb23601-Feb-2014 21:32 
snail diseases Invertebratesztb23201-Feb-2014 03:04 
small battery powered gravel vac Technical Tinkeringztb23001-Feb-2014 01:13 
do snails stress? Invertebratesztb23001-Feb-2014 00:53 
how can i feed my snail? Invertebratesztb23431-Jan-2014 23:40 
what else can i do? General Freshwaterztb231931-Jan-2014 00:45 

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