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Stocking First Marine Aquarium
i am getting a 25-30 gallon marine aquarium and i want to know what a hardy, non agresive beginer speices would be....
Barb Boy725-May-2007 04:48
Water Changing???
I have a 10 gallon marine tank. It has two fish and one anemone in it [not sure if metioning that matters or not. haha!] I was just wondering how ofte...
RIFIFOOL623-May-2007 20:29
New To Marine Aquarium
I am getting a marine aquarium and i am wondering what a good size would be.(under 35 gallons) i also want to know how much the cost for that size wou...
Barb Boy221-May-2007 22:29
1 Gal After 2Hrs Ro/Di
I am getting about 1 gal every 2hrs from my new ro unit, but my waste water is full blast like 15 gal of waste to 1/8 of pure gal water so whats wrong...
alfieferenzo84228-Feb-2007 20:55
I'm back
Well, I haven't been on this site in AGES. The 30G fresh water tank my husband and I were keeping is no longer a fish tank. Despite my best efforts my...
daeraelle328-Feb-2007 17:15
Setting Up A 29 Gallon Saltwater Tank
Hey, im thinking about setting up a 29 gallon salt water tank. I wanna put two clown fish, two blackcap basslets, and a couple of cleaner shrimp. I ha...
TetraKeeper10119-Feb-2007 15:50
I bought a ro/di unit!!! Cuple of pointers please
cuple of quick things they say to hook it up to cold water well that is about 55F and the membrance calls for 77f at 50psi so how do you make that hap...
alfieferenzo84417-Feb-2007 15:11
Canister filters
Hi i got a mag 350 and i wanted to know if there was media i could use to help with ammonia and nitrates? Like sand or stuff to put into the filter al...
alfieferenzo84615-Feb-2007 19:32
Sick Of It Need Help Please
I am having tank problems ammonia has been reading .25 for 3wks, nitrates are down sense i changed so much water down to about 10 ive been having trou...
alfieferenzo84314-Feb-2007 19:00
Algae on tank
Does anyone know of anything to get the algae off the walls of my tank? For some reason, my snail isn't interested in the algae on the walls. Is the...
ipsomatic9414-Feb-2007 05:42
Ro Do Filter Any Good?
2 di or this http://cgi.ebay...
alfieferenzo84509-Feb-2007 07:54
10 Gallon
I was planning to setup a 10 gallon fish only or fish only with live rock. I know it is pretty small, but i think i would like to give it a try anywa...
Sinai Fisher907-Feb-2007 01:30
89G Marine Setup
Hi, we have just closed down the old 31.5G reef tank (see picture of the old tank). Everything you see (except for the Tang) has been transferred to...
TW223-Jan-2007 19:21
Live Sand Dust
My wife and I just set up a new nano-reef tank (nothing but a couple hermit crabs and some live rock so far). We put in the live sand and as I expect...
ipsomatic9209-Jan-2007 16:50
Saltwater info?
I have read some of the articles on here and i found that saltwater is quite a bit more complex than freshwater. I was trying to find what the setup...
aquapickle27326-Dec-2006 18:37
Every 3 days this is what my tank looks like why?
check out the pics the very last 2 at the bottom! I been holding nitrates at 10-15 and cut the lights down to 6hrs a day with only 1 28w bulb 50/50 an...
alfieferenzo84319-Dec-2006 05:52
Nitrates out of control! Help tap water updated
Pages: 1, 2
I have had this tank for over a year + About 4mo ago i had to qt my rocks to do hypo in my main tank as they all got ick from a new fish, Anyways the...
alfieferenzo842513-Dec-2006 13:37
New 125gal Tank
Hello everyone, I am looking for some suggestions here. I just bought a 125 gallon tank with Fluval FIlters and power heads and all the accesories fro...
mjkelly113-Dec-2006 00:08
My rocks smell very bad like a pass due filter?
As you all know i have been having trouble with my tank along with algae everywhere so i took 1 rock at a time and brushed it off very lighly in a buc...
alfieferenzo84706-Dec-2006 09:10
Reef Lighting
Hello, Currently, I am setting up a 29g tank and I am considering changing it into a Reef later on. I am looking into a new lighting hood and I need...
Garofoli1329-Nov-2006 23:06
First Time Saltwater
right now i have a fresh water tank, when i get my bigger tank i would like to change my 29gal to a marine setup. what would i need to do so...
sodaaddict84329-Nov-2006 08:23
31.5G Reef Tank
Pages: 1, 2, 3
We are thinking of setting up a reef tank and we already have an empty 31.5G (3ft) with Eheim 2213 filter, so that's what we want to use. Currently i...
TW4828-Nov-2006 05:53
Sea Grasses
Hi all Just a little question from my think-tank! My original thoughts have been on converting a planted 4'x2' x 2' freshwater tank into reef tank...
debbiemc327-Nov-2006 01:40
Reef Ideas
Pages: 1, 2
Hello, I have very serious ideas for a reef tank. I just need everones say one whether this setup will work and there are any problems. I would like t...
Garofoli2227-Nov-2006 01:25
240 Gallon
MICHAELF1008-Nov-2006 00:00
Nano Reef
I'm want to set up a Nano Reef. The tank I am looking at is a 12G Nano Cube from JBJ. I already have a 55 reef but this is just something I have wante...
Gilligan501-Nov-2006 23:27
New saltwater tank
If my gravity and salinity are "ok" can I add my LR into the tank even if it still cloudy becuase of the salt???...
casperjoker931-Oct-2006 20:12
Tiny Bubbles Or Particles In New Marine Set Up
i just started runing salt water in my setup and now there arre a bunch of tiny particles or air bubbles in my water. there seem to be more the more...
Sonic2041418-Oct-2006 07:27
Plumbing 20g long/10g sump
Alright, I did all of my planning and stuffs for my 20 long, and I got all of my plumbing stuffs today... At the last moment, I decided NOT to drill...
poisonwaffle618-Oct-2006 05:05
Sump Help
hi i have a 500 litre tank with a sump that is 22" long 16" width and 16" heigh i am only getting 8 " of water in sump which is causing my Aqua Medic...
STEED007322-Sep-2006 20:56
Setting up 20 gal reef!
Pages: 1, 2
Alright, on Saturday, I'm pickin' up a 20 gal long tank! Methinks I want to do a softies and LPS for corals, a few damsels or firefish for fish, and...
poisonwaffle2420-Sep-2006 04:48
What sand?
Ok I am getting prices/everything checked out for my nano and was wondering what type of sand???? I saw the aragite (sp?) stuff that kinda looked like...
freshreef510-Sep-2006 06:20
Live Rock
hi whats the best way to stack live rock i will be using between 40 to 60 kgs in a 4ft by 2ft by 2ft tank cheers andy (steed007)...
STEED007229-Aug-2006 03:42
New 30 Gal Tank
This is my first saltwater tank. It is a 30 gallon with 20 lbs. of live sand and 35 lbs. of live rock. I put the live rock and sand in 3 days ago...
enjoiskater158128-Aug-2006 19:00
Water HElp
Ok, one question, when the water evaporates from a marine tank, and you have to fill it up again, can i use my water from my sink, i have a seperate f...
boil712-Aug-2006 05:53
How much light is too much.....
I have a 46 bow reef, and I was wondering if I should upgrade to me tal halide. Problem is... most 36 halide systems only have 1 halide bulb in it, whi...
Racso311-Aug-2006 22:19
How do you caculate flow
if running a closed loop system with, lets say an 8000lph pump do you say you have 16000 lph as the intake should have as much flow as the output or...
Alex511-Aug-2006 17:17
Help setup 75 gallon fowlr tank please!!!!
Pages: 1, 2
Ok after alot of research I have decided to do a 75 gallon fowlr tank.It will be a project and will not even get started for a couple of months,but I...
Pristellapower2007-Jun-2006 23:14
Ammonia Levels when Cycling
I'm currently cycling my 240gallon marine tank with liverocks. When the tank is cycling, what should the ammonia level be. I've got about 100kg of liv...
reflectz406-Jun-2006 22:23
Lighting Issues
I'm setting up a marine reef tank with liverock and corals later. I read that you need at least 4-7watt of lighting per gallon of water. My tank size...
reflectz130-May-2006 14:10
Filling up the tank
My tank which I will be converting from freshwater to saltwater is 240gallon, which is pretty big, so it will take me all day to fill up by bucket wit...
reflectz230-May-2006 07:36
How Much Substrate Do I Need
I'm thinking of using the Red Sea Reef ba se for my substrate. My tank is 60in wide and 30in deep. How much do you think i will need? I'll be setting u...
reflectz529-May-2006 14:59
Does anybody have this chiller? If you do how would you rate it on performance and noise level? [link]
Sonic2041006-May-2006 20:06
Float Switches
I am completing the final assembly of my sump and I realized I forgot to order some float switch(es)!! I don't know how I forgot that. My quest...
jmara401-May-2006 05:52
Kalkwasser top off
I was thinking about using my auto topoff unit to dose kalkwasser with. I'm currently using B-ionics, and hate paying for new bottles every month, and...
mattyboombatty923-Apr-2006 04:55
Reverse Osmosis Questions
i was thinking about getting a RO device and i want to know all about them. but what i really need to know is: what do i do i hook it up to: my tank...
fishkid99705-Apr-2006 06:27
Top Off
Well in the face of my recent disaster, I'm considering an auto top off system for my tank, or rather, my sump. I'm wondering how everyone tops off th...
mattyboombatty723-Mar-2006 22:15
6 Gal salt water
Is it possible to set up a 6 gallon tank with a salt water set up? if so what equiptment do you need and what can you keep in there? i know this is sm...
african_man121-Mar-2006 06:50
Setting up my Orbit Lights
I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this but I want to set up my new Orbit lighting system for my SW tank. It has the ability to be set up to prov...
dredd969412-Mar-2006 15:10
Setting up a sump questions before I do
Ive deceided to set up a sump as i'm started to get irritated with all the power heads and stuff in the tank. Questions: 1. Do I have to drill the...
trace-russ711-Mar-2006 07:22
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