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Goldfish pond?
I keep reading that fancy goldfish can't winter in a pond? I live in North Florida, so it never gets too cold down here, but just in case I haven't ma...
daeraelle516-Aug-2017 14:18
natives ?
Does anyone here keep North American Natives ? Ive kept quite a few species over the years and i think my favorites are the Darters. How about you...
Aquarium4um.com127-Jun-2015 22:47
Keeping Fish In Holding Tank ~12Months
Hello I'm moving house and having a house built, in the mean time i'm going to keep my 6 koi's (largest 1ft) in a holding pool on my allotment. The m...
SheKoi417-Feb-2015 05:08
Pond: Ways to prevent algae...?
Hello everyone! I just wanted to get your ideas about how to keep our pond clean; its about 800 gal. The fish did wonderful during our short cold snap...
Tartar_Sauce431-Jan-2015 11:37
Outdoor container pond in az
So, most of what I read is concern for water beooming too cold....what about too hot? Anyone have ideas on how to manage a container pond in 110 f we...
Teri406-Jan-2014 20:35
algea eater for a small pond
I just set up a small pond....may be 75-100 gallons.....i have a comet gold fish and some miinows in it.....have some live plants, but don't want to o...
oz196623-Nov-2011 06:28
Fish swimming under waterfall
Hello, I'm back with more questions. We got our waterfall up and running (Picture [link]
appleshoe313-Jun-2010 03:29
Newbie help
Hello- we are putting in a 75" X 54" X 18" 100 gallon pond with solar fountain and later a small waterfall. We want fish but don't want to torture the...
appleshoe1218-May-2010 01:49
Is my tank too small?
Is my tank too small? I have a 29 gallon aquarium with a 6 inch Shubunkin , a 3 inch Shubunkin, a 2 inch Comet , a 5 inch Common, a 2 inch Common,...
amethyst_rose042407328-Mar-2010 09:45
Pond Questions.
Ok, time to start dreaming and pondering ponds again (get it ... ). Can everyone tell me how deep their pond is and what they keep in it? I'm c...
Babelfish1322-Aug-2009 23:35
Wingsdlc Container Pond
Pages: 1, 2, 3
Here is my container pond. It is the first one I have tried. Let me know what you think. Before planting and filling. [IMG]
Wingsdlc5728-Jul-2009 22:17
Outdoor fishs?
I'm looking for ideas to help out a friend who wants to build basicly an aquarium in ground outside. He wants to dig it to the deepest part to about 7...
monkeyboy406-May-2009 06:32
Sunfish Or Perch
anyone have info on keeping them?...
venustus805-May-2009 15:54
Rubbermaid Pond
hey guys could one of these suffiece as a pond (goto then copy and paste : Rubbermaid 50 Gallon Roughtote® Storage Box) im not sure what to...
oldfishnewfish531-Jan-2009 14:21
Weird Red Spots on Goldfish
my girl friends goldfish recently has developed red spots. all params are good,nitrates were on the high end(25ppm) but she did a water change. last w...
Cichlid Kid1526-Jan-2009 08:53
Darn Raccons
hey guys i am just wondering if i put in a pond is there a way to keep out raccons and opposims? i am nnot planning on doing this as i am just renting...
bettadude418-Jan-2009 19:32
Troppos Tubs
Well I've got a thread on my tanks, figured I should also start one on my tubs. I have a couple going at the moment. They're both a bit neglected but...
Gone_Troppo1527-Nov-2008 00:53
Turtle Ponding Article
Hi: I realize is a 'fish-centric' board, but thought this article on Ponding for Turtle Keepers might be of interest, as an intro. t...
drrich2008-Nov-2008 03:52
Goldfish attacking koi?
Hello and good morning, This is my first post. I have a 30 gallon tank and in it I have two 2 1/2" Shubunkins, and one 3" Koi. I recently added a Blac...
sharstevie425-Aug-2008 01:53
brandeeno's long awaited container pond/tub :D
OK guys, well today I finally got my container pond set up! i used a brand new thirty gallon plastic crate/tub from lowes. It fit almost perfectly int...
brandeeno505-Aug-2008 07:20
Do I Have Koi Eggs or Snail Eggs?
I was cleaning my pond pump today and something on the outer casing they are very small not more the 1/4 to 1/2 inch in size blobs of clean sacks, cle...
Barb_Fan2222-Jul-2008 00:42
Cichlids in ponds?
I currently stay in Northern Virginia. The temperature for summer is around 70-80 and the winter drops to 30 and sometimes below. I recently dug a po...
knguyent1102-Jun-2008 04:22
The Internet Is Not My Friend!
So I ended up with a 1" probably Bluegill... im trying to find a good profile on the fish similar to the profiles here and nothings doing... can anyon...
Krunchy924-May-2008 05:59
40 Watergarden
i want to put a water garden in my ba sement, i have a 40 gal plastic tub which i assume is a good enough size any body know about proper lighting and...
JBennett181012-May-2008 01:19
I got goldfish :)
Well. Hm. . . I do need a bit of help. I got 3 of them. The next day one of them was looking weak and died that night. I assumed that it was bec...
Gilraen Took808-May-2008 01:49
Fish survived
after a long cold winter the ice has come off my pond and I am very happy to see my fish are still swimming and looking very healthy, -30c for a month...
freejoe210-Mar-2008 18:00
I Want To Start A Pond
i have plenty of room i need basic instructions on when and how to start a pond...
JBennett181123-Feb-2008 09:50
40 Gallon Fancy Goldfish Tank
Greetings All, So here is the setup I have for my fancy gold fish tank. I am new to keeping coldwater fish so any help would be welcomed. To star...
smapty518-Feb-2008 18:51
Curious Over Wintering
hey i actually dont have a pond or a coldwater tank but i was just a little curious. ive heard of people keeping goldfish in their ponds over the win...
sora410-Feb-2008 12:15
Crazy Temperature Changes -> Swim Bladder?
hi all, so we've been having really drastic temperature changes lately.. one day there's snow and the next its like spring, and it seems to be causin...
terranova313-Jan-2008 04:55
Fantail goldfish
I recently rescued a nice (about three and a half inches) double tail/fantail gold fish from a place I won't mention, since all the fish in my 29 gall...
Two Tanks1504-Dec-2007 22:44
Pond, Water parameters.....question......
Folks, if you'll recall, I had some pangasius catfish which y'all had recommended building a pond for... Well, the thing is built, I will post some p...
El Tiburon Tailandes027-Sep-2007 23:40
Green Water
i have fish pond i wouldn't like to say how many gallons it is, but there is a quite alot with some koi and gold fish, and well the water always green...
cool_pete722-Jul-2007 14:53
What should I be thinking of if I want to build something outside?
Have been mulling over the idea of building some kind of enclosed cement "pond" and am wondering what I should take into consideration? I put "'s on...
El Tiburon Tailandes420-Jul-2007 09:45
This Is My Pond Where To Start (Pics)
here are some pics of my pond at the moment i dont know the size but it is big!
juwel-1801316-Jun-2007 12:52
Great Pond Project Aught Seven Begins
Ok. So this weekend I began the Great Pond Project of Aught Seven. And thus far, I have accomplished: Marking the outline of the pond. Removing the...
lysaer410-Jun-2007 18:17
Swan Mussles Any Info?
hi guys i was looking at getting some Swan-Large-mussles as seen in the link [link=link]
juwel-180310-Jun-2007 17:46
Cleaning outdoor pond
Hey everyone, My pond is directly under 2 trees and it get full of leaves very quickly, whats a good wat to get them out besides using my hands?...
xlinkinparkx215-May-2007 01:16
Pond Kit Help Me Please
i was at home depot today and i saw a pond kit its a 270 gallon pond liner and starter kit so filter all other gadjets i was just wondering how to ins...
platy boy430-Apr-2007 23:21
Building A Pond
OK I have a fish club at school and one thing I would like to do is build a pond this summer and put around 20 or so koi in it but I need to know what...
shadowtheblacklab627-Apr-2007 01:44
Outdoor Pond Plants
can i put plants in a pond? if i can what kind? ive been wondering that for a couple years now and now that i found this site its the perfect place to...
platy boy901-Apr-2007 22:22
Sunfish in outdoor pond?
Is having a sunfish as a pond fish a good idea? And what size should the pond be? It would be in the ground (The pond) and the water freezes most of t...
Thursday420-Mar-2007 03:45
Plastic Sandbox/Kiddie Pool Pond?
Rigid plastic sandbox/kiddie pool, ~37" across, 6" deep. Any ideas on how I could make this into a small pond? Is substrate necessary? Filtration? I w...
Theresa_M1617-Mar-2007 19:23
OK on a pond! "How to" required :)
The OH finally OKed a pond. It is to back directly onto the house and be designed as a trough style, probably with railway sleepers and a liner (but...
Callatya722-Dec-2006 11:48
GoldFish in 20G?
Hey guys I just took my golffish out of my pond and hes about 5 1/2- 6" he looks healthy and now I put him in my 20G with no other fish will he be ok...
xlinkinparkx1103-Nov-2006 03:16
Pond Heaters?
Hello I live in ontario canada. I have one of those formed plastic ponds. its the biggest one you can buy i believe. Question is will one of those pon...
gunner130-Oct-2006 18:09
Air pump needed with an oversized Filter?
I have an 18 gallon tall fresh water with a Penguin 200. This HOB filter is good up to 50 gallons. Is it correct for me to assume that this quite over...
TopperMcFly130-Sep-2006 16:23
Koi vs. Goldfish
what is your favorite type of fish to keep in a pond? A. Koi B. Goldfish C. Shubunkins D. other...
hev77104-Sep-2006 04:33
Need Your Thoughts
I think I am going to have to either buy a skimmer or vac for my 2000 gal pond. What do you think? should i go with the skimmer that is more $$ to pre...
jimg87302-Sep-2006 13:31
Green Water..Please Help
Now i know there are quite a few people on here with large ponds like myself that should be able to help, so please feel free. I have a 2,000 U.S. gal...
jimg87104-Aug-2006 02:49
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