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My big fat platy
My platy gave birth to her first fry on the 8th of february. She is already looking like she is ready to burst again. I thought that it took 3+ week...
ImRandy85427-Feb-2007 23:06
Suggestions Wanted - Algae Eating Livebearers
Ordinarily, I'd know in advance what I wanted for an aquarium, but in this case, I have a little puzzle to solve. The puzzle in question centres upo...
Calilasseia327-Feb-2007 13:03
Platy Colony Log
Pages: 1, 2, 3
Well not much has been going on on this forum lately soooo..... I decided to start a log on the trials and tribulations of of lifes of the members of...
RNJ_Punk5318-Feb-2007 07:26
I just purchased 3 killis and the two females look nothing like the male, and they totally ignore him, is this common? Lonely male...
jontyra217-Feb-2007 06:00
So I have a fry.
One of my platies that I have been suspecting of being pregnant finally gave birth yesterday. I was able to save one and put it in a 2.5 gallon tank...
ImRandy85514-Feb-2007 00:03
Nauty Guppy Male?
Hi. i have a wiered guppy i think. it goes up to the underside of the female guppys and nips their under side, then his gonopodium goes forward . i...
mobius304-Feb-2007 22:07
I have a one eyed guppy fry, will it survive in the adult tank?
a while ago, I lost all my guppies to columnaris, All I had left from them was 11 fry in another tank, There are seven left now, the 6 others are bigg...
Rookie_Boy304-Feb-2007 17:25
Guppy Deaths
I have kept and bred guppies for years, but recently all the new guppies that I have purchased have died within 3 days together with all of my other g...
cjc94102-Feb-2007 22:16
Parental Care
Hello, Are there any live bearers that provide parental care to their fry? Thanks....
Garofoli531-Jan-2007 21:09
how do you tell if a swordtail is pregnant or not...
venustus521-Jan-2007 05:27
Dwarf Platy Pregnant
So a couple of weeks ago I added a new dwarf platy to my collection. Well turns out shes the only female in my tank full of boys. Any suggestions...
FinFancier07116-Jan-2007 07:30
Drop dead gorgeous livebearer
*Drools* [link][/link]...
katieb815-Jan-2007 02:49
My Guppy Problum
Hello. I have recently been away from home (as some of you know) and have recently returned. Upon my return, I have found my tanks in horrid condition...
Inkling410-Jan-2007 18:09
Endlers livebearers
What a pretty little fish for a 10 gal. tank! I've been reading up on them on this site in back threads. I wonder if they would be a good fish to ke...
fish patty610-Jan-2007 06:18
Fry habitat.
I am thinking of setting up a little tank to raise platy fry in. I know a store that will buy them from me when they're big enough. My idea was just...
ImRandy85703-Jan-2007 20:21
Guppies in My Future?
Hey all, I'm thinking about asking for a small tank for xmas, I dunno what size (anything from a 5 to a 12 gallon). If I were to get a tank of about...
Silver_Fish330-Dec-2006 04:52
What platy is this?
I just got 4 platies and I can't remember what 2 of them are called. I know I got 2 blue coral and 2 others. These are all orange with tiny black sp...
ImRandy85230-Dec-2006 04:48
Is there something wrong with my platy?
My rainbow platies have a grayish area on top of their heads. I asked the guy at the store where I got them if it was just the coloration or if somet...
ImRandy85829-Dec-2006 08:57
How Long Do Guppies Live
I am thinking of getting guppies and i want to know how old they live for. thanx...
Bubblebrain520-Dec-2006 23:58
Question about guppies.
Hello everyone! I haven't kept fish in several years and how I am happily starting again. We just recently bought a 90 gallon in order to have a ni...
gothiquemommie315-Dec-2006 22:01
How do you breed guppies
How do you breed guppies...
cjzapata410-Dec-2006 07:54
Molly Fry Care
i have 3 molly fry and want to know when i should switch from liquidfry food to flakes.they are 3 weeks old and twice today i crunched up some flakes...
martinh1010-Dec-2006 00:51
What is the easiest to breed and easy to care maintaine livebearer
What is the easiest to breed and ease for maintenance!...
cjzapata109-Dec-2006 22:26
How can you encourage a molly to give birth?
I have one very small female molly, she is pretty fat and looks to me to be pregnant - she is a black molly so can't really tell much of what id going...
goldfishgeek609-Dec-2006 20:10
Platies Or Guppies
Between these 2 species will one's population explode faster? How long does pregnancy take? Will the parents completely finish off all their offspri...
feltr04709-Dec-2006 19:36
10 Gal. Balloon Molly Fry Tank
Good morning. One of my balloon mollies delivered 33 fry a few days ago. At the time I was cycling a 10 gal. for the babies. It has since cycled. Is...
Caviar801-Dec-2006 03:12
Idea For Guppy Tank
was thinking of planting java moss on the stones at the bottom of a new 32 gallon... and putting a latticwork on the back glass and side glass and let...
redthanatos130-Nov-2006 04:32
I'm bummed! Balloons babies are born dead.
I bought 2 balloon mollies this morning. One just started giving birth. She had one in the tank (dead). and so far has had 4 in the breeder's net. T...
Caviar426-Nov-2006 06:38
could i put swordtails in with a severum...
venustus621-Nov-2006 19:21
Definition of "coral" in platies
I have heard varying answers. First was that they were missing vertebrae Second was the colour third was the balloon mutation commonly seen in mollie...
Callatya720-Nov-2006 18:37
I have heard that platies are a little more harder to bread than mollies of guppies is this true? Thanks! Ku,...
ku5626720-Nov-2006 17:46
Mixing Guppies/Endlers With Betta
hello all. been a while. I would like to add either guppies, or endler guppies with a male betta. i have a 20 gallon tank with a variety of species. i...
marsha_mush219-Nov-2006 03:46
What is the hardiest of livebearers?...
ku5626614-Nov-2006 05:44
Silver Molly
my female silver molly is chasing my male around. does that mean she is ready to breed? i got them today so i am thinking he isn't use to his new se...
bettachris413-Nov-2006 03:54
How To Tell Genders Of Mollie
could somebody please some a picture of a unwanting to breed molly fish!...
cjzapata113-Nov-2006 01:13
Ballon Molly
Hi, I have a new 55 gallon tank, and I was thinking to set it up with ballon mollies, how many can I put there. Also how many babies do they yield....
rickyz1112-Nov-2006 22:08
Are mollies somewhat aggressive?
The bullying only happens during feeding times, I have 5 mollies, 1 male 4 females, 3 of the females have grown well are an inch long, The other fema...
Rookie_Boy1312-Nov-2006 21:58
Always Pregnant Molly
I have a molly that always looks pregnant, I know she is pregnant she just had 7 fry the other day but she carried them for a long time how long do th...
DwarfGourami312-Nov-2006 00:06
Possibly pregnant guppy
Hello! 5 days ago I got (yet another) trio of guppies. One of the girls looks like she may be pre-hit. I'm not so sure, though. She's certainly a...
Sable205-Nov-2006 21:04
Breeding swordtails
How old is a sword tail before they will breed. And I have 6 females and 2 mails the one mail is just young his tail hasn't even fished growing out wi...
Edith701-Nov-2006 16:34
Guppy Breeding / Right Numbers
OK i'm looking to breed guppies. and the only thing I can't get accurate is the numbers. Is it 1 female to 2 males? or 2 females to 1 male? Every plac...
monkeyboy501-Nov-2006 10:31
Male female molly ratio
Hi I have two male sailfin mollies in my tank and they fight like crazy! I have kept mollies before and found them easy going. Is this because there...
traceyhill331-Oct-2006 21:12
Platy chasing other platies and swordtail!
i recently added 2 platies and a swordtail to my 20gal aquarium. i already had two other platies in there and one of them always seemed to hide even t...
richmp118-Oct-2006 17:04
Livebearer Nursery Design
In answer to someone else's query about livebearer fry, I produced a little schematic diagram of a 'maternity ward' aquarium for pregnant female live...
Calilasseia028-Sep-2006 18:27
Sword Tails
any info on sword tail and tankmates in a 29g...
venustus122-Sep-2006 08:09
Which Is Better, Platies Or Guppies?
the limit tank size i can get is a 10g but im trying for a 12g, thats the size limit in my dorm...even though i know it will be harder to keep clean....
heatherfeather415-Sep-2006 12:01
Too Many Fry
i've got 6 3-4 month old fry in my tank and i've got abot 30 5 week old fry in a breeder net and my molly went and had 30 odd more fry....i've put the...
martinh413-Sep-2006 05:50
Probable dumb question
Hi. I have 2 balloon mollies, and 5 mixed platy fry rescued from a filthy, overstocked tank. They are all between a 1/2 inch and an inch in length exc...
Caviar704-Sep-2006 15:03
Breeding Guppies
I've been trying to learn as much as I can on the subject and can't figure it out my fish would breed get huge bellys and then die.And whats better br...
jsmith_2003831-Aug-2006 18:25
Newbie! Guppies Or Platies?
hi everyone im new and this is my first post! i have always wanted a fish been never had one, i have been looking for at least a year now at fish......
heatherfeather729-Aug-2006 04:27
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