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Is betta getting enough oxygen? Help!
I started with a 1/2 gallon tank and realized I would need to clean it too often. So I just moved my male betta to a gallon tank which also came with...
angiebiss227-Mar-2008 02:41
Betta pics
I decided to have a little fun with my sons male betta and stuck a mirror next to his tank. Woohoo, he flared up so good, I ran and got the camera. [I...
Brengun722-Mar-2008 10:19
Betta questions.
So I got a one gallon bowl with one male Betta. I have no experience with Bettas at all. It has nothing in the bowl but some glassy rocks at the botto...
Soidfuf1521-Mar-2008 12:50
Betta Channoides
Hi folks. I picked up a pair of these gorgeous wild bettas there anyone else keeping them on here? Will try t get some photos soon, they're...
Mez520-Mar-2008 18:17
new Betta.
Well I picked up a new Betta yesterday, hes in a 2.5 gallon by himself, although I will most likely add in a snail for algae patrol. He is dark brown...
FishKeeperJim812-Mar-2008 07:57
Black Copper HM
Wooo. Today i recieved my thai-bred Black Copper Halfmoon betta...and boy is he a stunner! I managed to find a solid red female in a batch of "normal...
Mez507-Mar-2008 06:35
Problems with 2 bettas
Hi! About 2 months ago i got 2 vail tail bettas, they both where fine, just very passive but you know how that goes, they used to live in cups. They...
Falstaf506-Mar-2008 20:25
My new bettas...
Here are my new bettas... I call my new bettas the : Genesis Opaque Double Tails Here they are in their bags in their tank... when they are release...
Texascowboy1979103-Mar-2008 06:45
Betta Question?
is there any fish at all that would be ok to add with a betta im wanting to get one but want to add more with it and which is better to get female or...
DwarfGourami1227-Feb-2008 04:32
Happy Mr Betta!
Well, after a couple days of treating for Ich, the spots disappeared and now a week and a day into treatment, I see that Jack has built his first bubb...
ScottF322-Feb-2008 02:06
Should I do anything?
I have a dwarf gourami who seems to be scratched. I only noticed today, but near his head it looks like a scratch, the skin is raised and there are a...
BlackNeonFerret217-Feb-2008 20:20
Who am I? Need Labyrinth fish ID.
I found this little chickadee getting the stuffing beat out of it in the black widow tank. I suspect it has come through with a batch of sparkling gou...
Callatya916-Feb-2008 06:20
Female Bettas
My 20 gallon currently has a female Molly (will be moved), a BN, 3 ADF, 6 Ghost Shrimp, and a Male VT Betta. I'm gonna move the male Betta to his own...
truestar313-Feb-2008 21:41
Paradise fish and Corydoras
I have a 20 gallon long aquarium with 6 albino Corys. The tank is lightly planted and has several good hiding places. I want to get a paradise fish....
Cowch412-Feb-2008 01:26
After many failed attempts at getting my bettas to eat any of the betta specific flakes out on the market, I finally found a success! Omega One Betta...
coltsfan309-Feb-2008 16:09
New Betta Questions
We recently welcomed a new veiltail SF into a new 10g cycled tank. We brought Teddy home Sunday, and each evening we've dropped a few Betta pellets b...
ScottF1104-Feb-2008 04:48
Crazy male and his nests
I thought I'd try breeding my black and red plakat male, or rather I thought I'd let him see a girl and see what he would do and if he was old enough....
Ferox327-Jan-2008 17:47
I know they say that spirulina is a must in most freshwater fishes diets, but what about bettas? Do bettas benefit a great deal from having spirulina...
coltsfan624-Jan-2008 08:01
Female betta
Hi, Do female bettas that are rather whitish(pale) by color, show clear distinct bars during the spawning period? If not, how can one be sure its time...
araghu85220-Jan-2008 11:26
CT Betta Growth Rate
Hi all! I am looking into getting another CT betta, as the CT i have now is not my favorite color (Irredescent Turquoise). My dad wants this betta th...
GobyFan2007218-Jan-2008 23:05
Two Male Pearl Gouramis?
I want a pair a Pearl Gouramis, and was wondering if they have to be a male/female pair, or would two males get along as well? Thanks....
kayteekate418-Jan-2008 10:22
Help! bubble nest falling apart!!!!
my bettas have bred and i think the eggs have hatched, i cant tell but the male stopped tending to his bubble nest and it is falling apart!@!!! What c...
HorseGal611-Jan-2008 03:38
how many Gouramis in 60x18
New to this and reading up on what to put in my new 5footer. Id like to have some gouramis, never had them b4. But cant decide on which type to get. s...
mews410-Jan-2008 02:06
Back to Betta breeding!
Pages: 1, 2
After finally giving up hope of breeding bettas a while ago, i just pretty much left my female by a male just in case she started filling up w/ eggs....
HorseGal3209-Jan-2008 23:50
Betta Help
hi all, my mom wants a betta in the bathroom with a cool vase she found she wants to put it with the bambo and make it look neat but i think its cre...
platy boy509-Jan-2008 18:59
Gourami "Tentacles"
does anyone know what the tentacle things are on the sides of a gourami? i've always figured since theyre labyrinth fish, and can breathe air, that t...
F1sh908-Jan-2008 18:41
How small is too small for a siamese fighter fish?
Im looking at getting a tank built from a guy i know but due to space and price i only want it to be small. How much space do they like? More length t...
starlitskie508-Jan-2008 06:19
Betta with Discus & Apistos
I have a male Betta, living in his own small tank. I'd like to try him in my planted discus tank. Also in that tank are corys & some peaceful kribs...
TW529-Dec-2007 02:16
I have two giant plakats swimming around in my tank! I'm so excited! I've never even seen a giant before today and then boom, two arrive on my front d...
Callatya627-Dec-2007 21:20
Bullying Gouramis/Paradise Fish
Ok, we have two Blue gouramis and two Paradise fish. We just got the two paradise fish and the one blue gourami today. The Original Blue is about 2-2....
Thursday217-Dec-2007 07:56
Paradise Fish
I was at petsmart the other day and saw one of their tanks had paradise fish in there, but on the label it said paradise gourami. Are these the same f...
coltsfan613-Dec-2007 08:56
I admit it ! I am addicted to bettas, I went from having one to having four . I will probably need to attend meetings or else the wife will mov...
coltsfan1011-Dec-2007 06:38
Bettas and lucky bamboo sticks
Hi all!! I want to know if anybody knows if "lucky bamboo sticks" (a bamboo branch basically) is toxic to bettas. I have a small tank about 1 gallon...
Falstaf1424-Nov-2007 03:27
Can you put two female bettas in the same tank?
I saw two female bettas in a lfs tank with other mixed fish. When ever the two females saw each other they would flare their gills right out so the lo...
Brengun220-Nov-2007 21:14
Short Finned bettas
This is one of those out there questions, but here goes. How do you tell a male short finned Betta from a Female Betta? Ok well maybe not to out the...
FishKeeperJim719-Nov-2007 16:51
Stocking for 30 or 40 gallon tank
Hi to all! I was wondering about the stocking for my new 40 gallon tank i was about to get. I was thinking along the lines of Cardinals, or Neons. We...
GobyFan2007219-Nov-2007 02:16
Gourami lovers
Pages: 1, 2
Are there any gourami lovers out there? They are labyrinth fish too. What gouramis do you have and what is your favourite? /:'...
Brengun2418-Nov-2007 05:00
Identifying immature Trichopsis pumila vs. T. vittata
Good morning all. My LFS has a mixed tank of those two, and I'd really like to get a pair of just one species. The problem is that they're all so...
Joe Potato211-Nov-2007 04:46
Good Betta Tank?
I am looking for an upgrade for my betta's.Something like a 2.5 - 3 gal size.I like the eclipse 3 gal tanks,but I have read alot about them having to...
Guppy_man508-Nov-2007 07:57
Pearl Gouramis and Guppies
Hey everyone! Long time no see. I have a quick question about pearl gouramis. A friend has two that are being bullied and wants to give them a better...
507-Nov-2007 02:59
Sparkling Gourami Spawning Dance
Hi, Our sparkling gouramis have recently been breeding in our 180 gallon community tank and we managed to capture some video and a few still shots....
Gone_Troppo603-Nov-2007 19:45
Sparkling gouramis shrimp-safe?
Just what the topic says. I'm probably going to be setting up my empty 10 gallon with a pair of sparkling gouramis. I would, however, also like to a...
Joe Potato603-Nov-2007 01:30
Coloring up a betta?
I had to move tanks recently, and my betta lost alot of its color...i have tried to condition it with stress coat and live and frozen foods along with...
reun629-Oct-2007 06:02
Filter on a 1 gallon?
I picked up a used 1 gallon aquarium for $1.00 at a garage sale for my male Betta. I had him in the 20 but he has been flaring and chasing my Blue Ra...
truestar417-Oct-2007 17:18
Female Bettas
Okay I thought Female Bettas were okay to keep together. Is that just a myth? I put two in a tank and after a while they went after each other. Is...
FishKeeperJim412-Oct-2007 02:00
How big is too big?
Is a 4ft long tank (about a foot and a bit deep) too big for female bettas to handle? It's heavily planted in the middle- and the only other inhabitan...
Ferox930-Sep-2007 07:37
I think it's a hermaphrodite?
Well, it's been a few years since I was here, tanks have been running well, but now I have a conundrum. I purchased 4 female bettas for a 15 gal tank...
Ferox325-Sep-2007 05:22
Betta breeding behavior
since my male betta stopped building his bubble nest, i just released trhe female, and they get REALLY close to eachother and flare and/or dance. no n...
HorseGal324-Sep-2007 23:50
Betta breeding
Pages: 1, 2
this is continued from my original thread because nobody was replying anymore: My female seems fairley interestested in my male betta( they are in th...
HorseGal2819-Sep-2007 15:21
Why do you spawn?
Just pondering. Why do you spawn your bettas? I'm not all that interested in if you can raise them on, although it would be interesting to know, bu...
Callatya218-Sep-2007 23:01
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