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Ouch ... The Recovery RoomT'Ark'An'Ni Ak'Kan1106-Sep-2021 20:11 
Finally decided on my stocking list for newest tank Getting StartedFrancinej407-Aug-2018 22:32 
New 29gal up, running and very healthy! General Freshwaterbrandeeno619-Apr-2018 14:12 
Heater Technical Tinkeringlowlight310-Jan-2018 15:41 
What’s going on at the Santa Monica Pier Public Aquarium this week The Recovery RoomSantaMonicaHelp1019-Dec-2017 06:09 
Work in progress 30 gallon acrylic planted Photo BoothSoidfuf415-Dec-2017 06:10 
What kind if snail is this? InvertebratesBarb_Fan2213-Dec-2017 07:09 
Returning to fish Getting Startedblack.cat613-Dec-2017 07:08 
Rams & neighbors Cichlid Centrallltoush227-Oct-2017 22:56 
Weight Getting StartedRamona311-Jul-2017 14:05 
Time to add the gouramis General Freshwaterjudz310-Jul-2017 14:08 
Tiny White Things On/In Aquarium General FreshwaterBarb_Fan2521-Feb-2017 19:44 
Brown Algae Water QualitySJinNJ214-Dec-2016 06:37 
Need help with my Flower Horn General Freshwatergustavowoltmann221-Oct-2016 21:45 
Help I know nothing! Getting StartedNew to fish206-Oct-2016 05:34 
Discus Not doing well - Pic Included The HospitalTripleS230-Sep-2016 22:51 
it's been awhile...I'm starting over... Getting Startedhouston519-Sep-2016 01:53 
What can I add to this tank? General FreshwaterMortica 425-Jul-2016 22:37 
HELP!!! Going crazy! The HospitalBama88520-Jul-2016 14:16 
Apple Snail Health Check. Help!! InvertebratesCookie Bear206-Jul-2016 19:42 
Getting Restarted Getting StartedSJinNJ118-Jun-2016 14:45 
My first batch of platy fry help please Livebearers LaneMortica 610-Jun-2016 02:09 
Gourami with wound The HospitalMylittlebutton14113-Apr-2016 14:10 
help new to the fish tank life The Hospitallambert0929229-Feb-2016 03:59 
Gourami flashing; other fish fine The Hospitalbkaryn620-Feb-2016 15:40 
Best bottom feeder with Platies. Bottom Feeder FrenzyYoKanski107-Feb-2016 15:03 
Upper Zone Getting StartedSPG101-Feb-2016 15:18 
The Feeder Fish for my Crawfish have Ich InvertebratesCrazyCrawfish113-Jan-2016 15:19 
Milky water Water QualityBev529-Sep-2015 14:47 
Help crazy pregnant platy Livebearers LaneLeelasmom106-Jul-2015 14:18 
What can I put in a 5 1/2 gallon? Getting StartedSJinNJ315-Jun-2015 20:34 
Tiger barbs and Danios...?? General FreshwaterPepeTheKingPrawn630-Mar-2015 04:41 
fish feeding General Freshwateradraria110-Mar-2015 14:21 
buying a used tank Getting StartedSonoranDesert302-Mar-2015 22:31 
Apple Snail eating leaves Invertebratesvas_nas419-Feb-2015 15:03 
10 gallon Labyrinth LoungeBamaboy88108-Dec-2014 15:12 
Cory Cats Bottom Feeder FrenzyBamaboy88102-Dec-2014 15:01 
aquarank seems to be working again The Recovery Roommoondog128-Mar-2014 05:04 
Power outage question General FreshwaterGstrobe188414-Jan-2014 15:46 
Congrats The Recovery RoomMez214-Dec-2013 17:31 
building a stand for 125g tank Technical Tinkeringmoondog424-Nov-2013 00:36 
hi! The Recovery Roomterranova1412-Aug-2011 15:31 
resize Photo Boothamazondon112-Mar-2011 18:02 
Eh up!!! The Recovery RoomHirsty418-Feb-2011 21:30 
Well hello there
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The Recovery Roomjust beginning2125-Jun-2010 14:38 
Can anyone identify my mystery fish? Photo Boothpeachums805-Feb-2010 17:34 
My newly setup 29 gallon.
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Photo Boothcichlidl0ver2006-Jan-2010 02:12 
Starting over General FreshwaterScottF1325-Oct-2009 13:04 
What is this?
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General Freshwaterkj fishy-finn2527-Jul-2009 11:39 
Hey!! The Recovery RoomLittlecatjoe524-Jul-2009 03:56 
Meet "Bully Boy" - The Big Bad Mbuna! Photo BoothSir Syklyd421-Jun-2009 05:26 
Help Identify My New Fish! General Freshwatermoondog1108-Jun-2009 00:39 
Some New Pics Photo Boothjase101901-May-2009 21:56 
It might just be me.... The Recovery RoomKellyjhw1523-Apr-2009 05:49 
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The Recovery RoomLindy6019-Mar-2009 02:06 
Had enough tossing them out after 25+ years The Recovery Roomkeithgh407-Jan-2009 01:19 
New 55gal Photo Boothspankym13501-Jan-2009 20:49 
Broken Laptop The Recovery RoomMez830-Nov-2008 07:40 
Excellent news today The Recovery Roomkeithgh424-Nov-2008 08:29 
Why I haven't been around The Recovery RoomFallout1918-Nov-2008 20:16 
Eye update and Great Grandson photos The Recovery Roomkeithgh412-Sep-2008 01:30 
Stung by Lionfish The Recovery RoomMez310-Sep-2008 15:55 

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