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What has gone wrong where is every one??????????????????
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The Recovery Roomkeithgh9321-Dec-2022 03:31 
My new Aquarium Diary
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Planted AquariaDr. Bonke26811-Dec-2017 08:29 
Yo-yo lifespan? Bottom Feeder FrenzyKellyjhw508-Dec-2017 14:43 
New/Not new filter setup Technical TinkeringKellyjhw531-May-2015 06:20 
One step closer The Recovery RoomKellyjhw320-Mar-2015 10:27 
Degassing (pardon me!) Water QualityKellyjhw512-Feb-2015 11:17 
Pics of the driftwood in 40gal tall Photo BoothKellyjhw824-Oct-2013 12:31 
Pick My 30 Gallon Cichlid Tank Cichlid Centraldjtj1318-Apr-2013 03:29 
75g replant
Pages: 1, 2
AquascapingDaMossMan3022-Dec-2012 20:08 
125 Gallon setup Photo BoothKellyjhw1030-Oct-2012 00:17 
Convert Fish Tank, to Terrarium Getting StartedFishMom415-Jun-2012 02:24 
Update: Crossocheilus siamensis; Field: sciName Reviewed Profileswf1517024-May-2012 22:29 
Snails in filter Invertebrateszeketaz221-May-2012 23:24 
Predator tetras Tetra TalkKellyjhw609-Apr-2012 09:13 
Need help with my oscar tank !!! Getting Startedrusty1225-Mar-2012 18:45 
I have no idea where to put this topic! The Recovery RoomKellyjhw928-Feb-2012 17:49 
new planted tank i need help and ideas cheers Planted Aquariarandom-cichlid923-Dec-2011 14:54 
What is this fish???? General Freshwaterdirtydutch4x1120-Dec-2011 05:52 
Got a brand new 125 gallon tank with me<x>tal stand Planted AquariaKellyjhw113-Nov-2011 16:17 
Can you eat sea snails The Recovery Roomacoll188725-Jun-2011 15:51 
Intro/information General FreshwaterShadowBass605-Apr-2011 01:48 
Just had the worst customer service experience ever! The Recovery RoomKellyjhw330-Mar-2011 04:20 
New 36 Gallon Getting Startedsweet pea218-Mar-2011 19:09 
75 gal Photo Boothamazondon012-Mar-2011 06:33 
Opinions on the new LED strip lights Technical TinkeringKellyjhw507-Feb-2011 16:39 
Life span of Neons? Tetra TalkKellyjhw328-Oct-2010 04:55 
pleco old? Bottom Feeder FrenzyGoh623-Sep-2010 00:01 
checking in - how is everyone doing ? The Recovery RoomDaMossMan613-Sep-2010 16:58 
Floating poo Bottom Feeder FrenzyKellyjhw725-Aug-2010 18:53 
Bolbitus Planted AquariaBabelfish525-Jul-2010 22:50 
50-pound jellyfish stings 100 people at N.H. beach The Recovery RoomKellyjhw423-Jul-2010 01:40 
6ft long tank, would like angelfishes and General FreshwaterStarfish1606-Jul-2010 20:42 
Anyone good at IDing fish from the Great Barrier Reef? (DUW) The Recovery RoomNatalie1425-Jun-2010 20:43 
Snails?? General Freshwaterzeketaz723-May-2010 14:45 
I bought! General MarineMez718-May-2010 16:20 
Wild Semi Royal Green Discus Cichlid CentralTW1318-May-2010 15:51 
Newbie help Coldwater, Watergardens, and Pondsappleshoe1218-May-2010 01:49 
City water? Water Qualityhusky49931626-Apr-2010 05:31 
yoyo loach Bottom Feeder Frenzydudehi629-Mar-2010 23:30 
Home-made fish food? General FreshwaterKellyjhw411-Mar-2010 20:41 
Creepy coconut crab The Recovery RoomKellyjhw508-Mar-2010 06:22 
Small pond filter and pump in a 75 gal or up Technical TinkeringKellyjhw706-Mar-2010 05:32 
Smart plec Bottom Feeder FrenzyKellyjhw106-Mar-2010 01:12 
Neon Tetra behavior. Tetra Talkscottg1731004-Mar-2010 08:02 
What is it? General MarineSJinNJ504-Mar-2010 03:46 
Lobelia Cardinalis Planted AquariaKellyjhw802-Mar-2010 05:02 
How on earth can I get rid of all these snails?
Pages: 1, 2
General Freshwaterzebra2102-Mar-2010 01:39 
Ideas on how to stock my 55 gal tank. Getting Startedjakegill121725-Feb-2010 13:09 
Starter with a 20 gallon tank. Help please? Getting StartedCortrell825-Feb-2010 07:42 
I know this is CRAZY...
Pages: 1, 2, 3
Bottom Feeder FrenzyKellyjhw4217-Feb-2010 23:50 
new to saltwater and new tank Marine Setupchopper36781312-Feb-2010 00:39 
Minimum tank size? InvertebratesKellyjhw1005-Feb-2010 02:31 
My new arrivals and Bulldozer Photo BoothKellyjhw004-Feb-2010 17:50 
Veggies for Fish? General FreshwaterFish Guy904-Feb-2010 10:46 
A 180 litre (almost) Blank Slate...! Getting Startedmoose1002-Feb-2010 21:03 
How do you deal with... General Freshwaterhca1924-Jan-2010 19:38 
Background Technical Tinkeringamackattack1023-Jan-2010 06:24 
HELP !?!? Bottom Feeder Frenzycjwalker28722-Jan-2010 03:56 
60 gal softwater planning Getting StartedRefactor1120-Jan-2010 04:25 
java fern died Planted AquariaKellyjhw316-Jan-2010 01:34 
Cut up mbuna? The Hospitalcichlidl0ver513-Jan-2010 23:18 
Can you name these plants? Planted AquariaKellyjhw1112-Jan-2010 20:57 
I've got Ich, and cant seem to get rid of it.... The Hospitalhca1206-Jan-2010 20:05 
My newly setup 29 gallon.
Pages: 1, 2
Photo Boothcichlidl0ver2006-Jan-2010 02:12 
Shrimp question Bottom Feeder Frenzyzeketaz305-Jan-2010 00:39 
new 25 gal holding tank for plants Photo BoothDaMossMan401-Jan-2010 19:50 
To all Have a Happy and Safe Christmas The Recovery Roomkeithgh830-Dec-2009 23:11 
My fishtank busted General FreshwaterLindy1222-Dec-2009 02:44 
Coming back from a long time away... to start up a new tank! Getting Startedstariel1815-Dec-2009 22:46 
My New Tetra (Wolf Fish) - Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus
Pages: 1, 2
Tetra TalkMez2514-Dec-2009 22:54 
I think my Yo-yo's went on strike! Bottom Feeder FrenzyKellyjhw613-Dec-2009 19:29 
Cyst on Emperor tail Tetra TalkKellyjhw013-Dec-2009 04:17 
Angelfish with Discus ?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
Cichlid CentralDaMossMan5409-Dec-2009 18:55 
Black Ruby Barbs Cyprinid CornerDonnieBoy1508-Dec-2009 18:52 
Favorite Cyprinid Cyprinid CornerThe Mutant Goldfish1730-Nov-2009 20:30 
I'm in Your Barnes and Nobles Checking up on your Fishtanks The Recovery RoomBabelfish826-Nov-2009 10:35 
Any ideas? Getting Startedcichlidl0ver921-Nov-2009 17:15 
84 gallon hex aquascaping AquascapingiHunt817-Nov-2009 05:12 
Planting a 55 gallon tank. Planted AquariaDonnieBoy1316-Nov-2009 21:29 
New Emperor Tetras and plecs
Pages: 1, 2
The HospitalKellyjhw2116-Nov-2009 20:08 
My 20 long AquascapingPhoenixFirewall712-Nov-2009 05:05 
Happy Halloween!!! The Recovery RoomBabelfish703-Nov-2009 05:34 
My new 10 gallon planted aquarium AquascapingFishyandrew451328-Oct-2009 15:33 
Downsizing my tanks... General FreshwaterDaMossMan427-Oct-2009 03:02 
Sick Angel The HospitalKellyjhw422-Oct-2009 12:40 
I now own a few Mollys Livebearers LaneKellyjhw1522-Oct-2009 00:06 
Order of Introductions General FreshwaterPhoenixFirewall718-Oct-2009 04:19 
Matty 50g
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
Planted Aquariamattyboombatty7311-Oct-2009 03:50 
Lost a Black Ruby Barb overnight The HospitalKellyjhw402-Oct-2009 03:29 
Black Ruby Barb, eye popping out The HospitalScottF726-Sep-2009 12:13 
Lava rock? AquascapingGourami421-Sep-2009 04:49 
Black Angel in Detroit ClassifiedsKellyjhw119-Sep-2009 21:33 
Bristleworm in nem - anything helpful to be done? General MarineCallatya919-Sep-2009 04:41 
Hi guys. new stocking for 29g? (= General FreshwaterRookie_Boy11016-Sep-2009 13:02 
Would This Combo of Fish Work? General FreshwaterDelenn1812-Sep-2009 05:49 
Reduce the chance of Breeding? General FreshwaterPaulO805-Sep-2009 05:29 
FISH PHOTO_ Tattooed fish The Recovery Roomkeithgh705-Sep-2009 03:25 
Stocking 10gal General FreshwaterPaulO1205-Sep-2009 01:10 
I've gone to the shrimps InvertebratesBrengun1003-Sep-2009 14:02 
Bad Black Angel Cichlid CentralKellyjhw1228-Aug-2009 06:43 
Fish and Algae General FreshwaterKellyjhw425-Aug-2009 00:57 
Pond snails becoming terrestrial? InvertebratesKellyjhw221-Aug-2009 13:11 
Photos of my 45lt Cardinal & shrimp tank Invertebrateskeithgh1020-Aug-2009 14:31 
Office Tank Getting Startedforest14241817-Aug-2009 18:01 
250Gal!! The Recovery Roomstud_man501117-Aug-2009 09:05 
I finally got a good test kit, what next?
Pages: 1, 2
Water Qualityzeketaz3309-Aug-2009 21:05 
MTS reproduction InvertebratesKellyjhw809-Aug-2009 06:17 
Another Heater Failure-Do I Really Need A Heater? General Freshwatersunspotkat408-Aug-2009 15:21 
Common Brown Snails InvertebratesScottF830-Jul-2009 17:45 
What is this?
Pages: 1, 2
General Freshwaterkj fishy-finn2527-Jul-2009 11:39 
New to tanks Getting Startedgotpaper1981826-Jul-2009 08:49 
Rainbow cichlids spawned Cichlid Centrallioness923-Jul-2009 04:36 
20g Stocking Ideas etc. Getting StartedTurboTurtle1822-Jul-2009 01:12 
Dream tanks!!!!!!!!!!! General Freshwaterriri1921-Jul-2009 20:55 
New stocking General Freshwaterspankym131021-Jul-2009 02:57 
Too much slime coat? Cichlid CentralKellyjhw308-Jul-2009 15:37 
Angel fainted Cichlid CentralKellyjhw303-Jul-2009 07:54 
A 40gallon tall (used)
Pages: 1, 2
Getting StartedKellyjhw3023-Jun-2009 17:52 
Floating Tiger Barbs Cyprinid CornerGourami414-Jun-2009 05:28 
Tank cleaning Technical TinkeringKellyjhw207-Jun-2009 11:35 
I've got a breeding pair! Cichlid CentralKellyjhw1115-May-2009 21:52 

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