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What has gone wrong where is every one??????????????????
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The Recovery Roomkeithgh9321-Dec-2022 03:31 
New 29gal up, running and very healthy! General Freshwaterbrandeeno619-Apr-2018 14:12 
My new Aquarium Diary
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Planted AquariaDr. Bonke26811-Dec-2017 08:29 
it's been awhile...I'm starting over... Getting Startedhouston519-Sep-2016 01:53 
New 55 gallon General FreshwaterBamaboy88417-Sep-2016 23:38 
Gourami flashing; other fish fine The Hospitalbkaryn620-Feb-2016 15:40 
Heater problems The HospitalBama88421-Jan-2016 21:39 
looking for ideas Getting StartedTabs 1306-Jan-2016 00:43 
Update: Gambusia holbrooki; Field: size Reviewed Profilesaquariumlover10005-Jan-2016 22:44 
Update: Bellamya chinensis; Field: New Reviewed Profilesjack2224005-Jan-2016 22:44 
Update: Cladophora ball ; Field: New Reviewed ProfilesGstrobe188005-Jan-2016 22:42 
Aquatic plants for sale. Los Angeles area, CA Classifiedsamackattack531-May-2015 06:19 
New to Aquatic Plants Planted Aquariachopper3678412-Jan-2015 07:05 
What'd I miss? The Recovery RoomJust Mitch917-Apr-2013 21:45 
Newb with a 10g Getting StartedBawbkun1308-Apr-2013 06:31 
1 gallon junior tank General Freshwater1st_signer1803-Apr-2012 05:56 
Marbled Crayfish Invertebratesjake7102-Nov-2011 01:01 
Aquaponics (hydroponics... BUT WITH FISH!) General Freshwaterbrandeeno406-Mar-2011 19:51 
Bottomfeeders Bottom Feeder Frenzyacoll188217-Feb-2011 05:27 
Zebra Danio Fry: Cyprinid Cornerbrandeeno006-Feb-2011 04:43 
Floating Decorations Aquascapingdavyboy406-Feb-2011 04:32 
Heater Question Technical Tinkeringjcmed606-Feb-2011 04:27 
Debating on starting with actual plants rather than just plastic Planted Aquariadavyboy406-Feb-2011 04:14 
Fancy Guppy Breeds Livebearers Lanedavyboy106-Feb-2011 04:08 
Going to be moving and have a Q General Freshwaterzeketaz1501-Dec-2010 02:27 
Large Dorm Tank: General Freshwaterbrandeeno1305-Nov-2010 02:00 
55 gallon planting ideas AquascapingHotaru605-Nov-2010 01:51 
Newly Planted 20G
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Planted Aquariakj fishy-finn3120-Oct-2010 14:51 
Plants Planted AquariaAlex303-Oct-2010 06:33 
Adding plants 'Help' Planted Aquariacashwellspent629-Sep-2010 23:39 
Will a buzzing stress out my fish? Technical TinkeringCortrell625-Aug-2010 12:24 
Discus (Free home) and 4ft fish tank and accessories for sale - Sydney Classifiedscjm324-Aug-2010 07:53 
Heater? Technical Tinkeringlowlight517-Jul-2010 14:16 
In need of despret help! Cichlid Centralcichlidl0ver1202-Jul-2010 05:51 
How hard is it to keep discus Cichlid Centralchopper3678502-Jul-2010 05:41 
rosy red ( fathead minnow) General Freshwaterfishkeeper225117-May-2010 07:31 
Looking to get back into it Getting StartedPoobles324-Apr-2010 12:01 
80gal with Angels Photo Boothitsjustme19661721-Apr-2010 02:35 
Possible Upgrade of Filter Technical TinkeringGomer530-Mar-2010 12:26 
What else for my 55 gal.? General Freshwaterzebra1021-Mar-2010 23:53 
Packet cake mix
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The Recovery RoomCallatya4008-Mar-2010 06:23 
Do fish grow to the size of there tanks? General Freshwaterjakegill12707-Mar-2010 11:49 
Small pond filter and pump in a 75 gal or up Technical TinkeringKellyjhw706-Mar-2010 05:32 
What is it? General MarineSJinNJ504-Mar-2010 03:46 
Lobelia Cardinalis Planted AquariaKellyjhw802-Mar-2010 05:02 
How on earth can I get rid of all these snails?
Pages: 1, 2
General Freshwaterzebra2102-Mar-2010 01:39 
Starter with a 20 gallon tank. Help please? Getting StartedCortrell825-Feb-2010 07:42 
8 legs minus 1 InvertebratesCortrell223-Feb-2010 01:12 
What do snail eggs look like Invertebrateszeketaz917-Feb-2010 13:50 
How Many? General Freshwaterbrandeeno1116-Feb-2010 03:53 
Need advice: Community tank with somewhat aggressive betta Getting Startedthegrayrace809-Feb-2010 04:09 
heaters, SW test kit and auto feeder. Santa Barbara, CA Classifiedsbrandeeno007-Feb-2010 21:45 
One of my old CLs dies Bottom Feeder Frenzykeithgh205-Feb-2010 17:38 
Can anyone identify my mystery fish? Photo Boothpeachums805-Feb-2010 17:34 
unknown disease The Hospital1st_signer405-Feb-2010 00:55 
Veggies for Fish? General FreshwaterFish Guy904-Feb-2010 10:46 
Ice damage glass? Getting Startedamazonfishkeeper704-Feb-2010 06:51 
Floating Driftwood Aquascapingamackattack904-Feb-2010 00:11 
29g tank, stand, eclipse 3 hood, gravel and extras for sale - Camarillo, CA Classifiedsamackattack602-Feb-2010 04:41 
building a sand box/digging pool for loaches Aquascapingdevon71630-Jan-2010 23:51 
10 gallon long set up Getting Startedonna-shinigami628-Jan-2010 05:47 
New tank, old fish-- Should I move them? Getting StartedEmDehl524-Jan-2010 00:02 
New Semester, New Tank... General Freshwaterbrandeeno1423-Jan-2010 05:32 
kuhli loach question Bottom Feeder Frenzyzeketaz1516-Jan-2010 14:18 
YaY More Babies! Cichlid CentralBabelfish515-Jan-2010 00:33 
Anybody out there? The Recovery Roomlowlight606-Jan-2010 00:50 
silver dollars and pleco illinois/ Missouri Classifiedshca602-Jan-2010 20:18 
To all Have a Happy and Safe Christmas The Recovery Roomkeithgh830-Dec-2009 23:11 
Neutral Regulator? Water Qualityzeketaz1925-Dec-2009 05:56 
Changing out the Filter Pads... General Freshwaterm_acontreras623-Dec-2009 00:17 
Back to Nature Slim-line Tank Background AquascapingTW722-Dec-2009 09:32 
White particles accumulating on tank bed Getting Startedphammy422-Dec-2009 09:27 
Need Help with Oscar The HospitalCichlid Keeper822-Dec-2009 08:28 
Cherry Shrimp and Julies? Invertebratesbrandeeno320-Dec-2009 13:07 
Restocking ideas General Freshwaterzeketaz617-Dec-2009 22:00 
Urgent Bristlenose advice ! Bottom Feeder FrenzyZincubus517-Dec-2009 21:56 
alright my dorm tank plans: Getting Startedbrandeeno417-Dec-2009 21:44 
My 50 cube AquascapingForever-mango216-Dec-2009 12:19 
Rescued tank in need of some help The Hospitalhca628-Nov-2009 06:28 
Small Dorm Tank: General Freshwaterbrandeeno1426-Nov-2009 02:22 
Help please - first time with Mopani Driftwood AquascapingTom O.820-Nov-2009 04:23 
10 gallon make-over Getting Startedku56261319-Nov-2009 12:16 
84 gallon hex aquascaping AquascapingiHunt817-Nov-2009 05:12 
mollies in a salt water tank? Livebearers Lane1st_signer305-Nov-2009 23:08 
starting over , Ember tetras??? General Freshwaterhca1105-Nov-2009 07:44 
Transporting fish. General Freshwatermnventurer828-Oct-2009 16:44 
My new 10 gallon planted aquarium AquascapingFishyandrew451328-Oct-2009 15:33 
sick cory's help! The Hospitalku5626428-Oct-2009 05:17 
29 gallon stocking General FreshwaterSpannsa428-Oct-2009 04:19 
Albino Paradise Fish Labyrinth Loungesauerkraut526-Oct-2009 06:24 
Female and male battas together Labyrinth Loungesteven1982625-Oct-2009 17:47 
removing tannins from driftwood? Aquascapingdevon7425-Oct-2009 10:14 
Male or Female Paradise Fish? Labyrinth Loungesauerkraut324-Oct-2009 02:21 
Wild Discus Bio Type (sort of)
Pages: 1, 2
Cichlid CentralTW2326-Sep-2009 18:32 
Prospective Dorm Tank: General Freshwaterbrandeeno323-Sep-2009 00:10 
I've gone to the shrimps InvertebratesBrengun1003-Sep-2009 14:02 
Office Tank Getting Startedforest14241817-Aug-2009 18:01 
Update: Macrognathus aculeatus; Field: Care Reviewed Profileszachf92016-Aug-2009 05:28 
MTS reproduction InvertebratesKellyjhw809-Aug-2009 06:17 
Snail id Invertebrateselilk128-Jun-2009 03:07 
A 40gallon tall (used)
Pages: 1, 2
Getting StartedKellyjhw3023-Jun-2009 17:52 
Really confused!!! Water QualityPristellapower1118-May-2009 00:44 
Resealing A Tank... Technical Tinkeringbrandeeno216-May-2009 03:57 
Native freshwater fish
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General FreshwaterKellyjhw2915-May-2009 11:37 
What Plants Is This ? Planted Aquariadonovan511-May-2009 05:49 
Native Saltwater Tank...... General Marineriri1204-May-2009 12:05 
Breeding...... Cichlid Centralriri1328-Apr-2009 02:55 
Plants For Rams Aquascapingwilly1427-Apr-2009 07:49 
Pease help me General Freshwaterstoney627-Apr-2009 03:56 
Stocking Question General Freshwaterctt33 427-Apr-2009 03:50 
It might just be me.... The Recovery RoomKellyjhw1523-Apr-2009 05:49 
API Test Kits (reef, SW, FW) Southern CA Classifiedsbrandeeno022-Apr-2009 02:19 
New friends: Julidochromis regani Zambia Cichlid Centralbrandeeno1003-Apr-2009 17:14 
New stocking. General FreshwaterRookie_Boy1223-Mar-2009 02:15 
Water changes and salt Getting StartedGourami316-Mar-2009 02:10 
What Are The Most Popular Nano Tanks At The Moment? Getting Startedfcaquariums509-Mar-2009 00:40 

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