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What has gone wrong where is every one??????????????????
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The Recovery Roomkeithgh9321-Dec-2022 03:31 
Ouch ... The Recovery RoomT'Ark'An'Ni Ak'Kan1106-Sep-2021 20:11 
My new Aquarium Diary
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Planted AquariaDr. Bonke26811-Dec-2017 08:29 
Stopping by The Recovery Roomfish patty403-Apr-2017 06:11 
Need help with my Flower Horn General Freshwatergustavowoltmann221-Oct-2016 21:45 
Heater problems The HospitalBama88421-Jan-2016 21:39 
looking for ideas Getting StartedTabs 1306-Jan-2016 00:43 
What can I put in a 5 1/2 gallon? Getting StartedSJinNJ315-Jun-2015 20:34 
I think it's a water problem...? Water Quality3derydr618-Apr-2015 13:39 
Convict Colour Morphs Cichlid Centralglenn52310-Apr-2015 06:32 
Whos the Culprit! General FreshwaterCichlid Kid413-Mar-2015 09:51 
330 gallon tank General Freshwateradraria310-Mar-2015 06:33 
Fish Shaming The Recovery Roomsuperlion023-Feb-2015 21:26 
Fish Selection - 38 gallon Getting StartedSPG414-Feb-2015 04:29 
Upgrading to 36 General FreshwaterBamaboy88121-Dec-2014 02:12 
Frank\'s home addition Photo BoothFRANK516-Nov-2014 14:47 
low cost tank cooler Technical Tinkeringztb23709-Nov-2014 06:21 
Yes another sick betta General Freshwaternesposeidon303-Nov-2014 20:24 
how to deal with a population boom? Cichlid CentralMichelo_69627-Oct-2014 10:33 
tall aquarium plants Planted Aquariaztb23304-Oct-2014 05:56 
Identify this plant? Planted AquariaSoidfuf222-Sep-2014 22:00 
Ideas for new 36g Bowfront w/ Bolivian Rams Getting Startedinlikefish526-Jun-2014 20:50 
Algae problem, lost on what to do next Planted Aquariadjrichie216-Jun-2014 13:21 
checking in.. The Recovery Roommonkeyboy204-May-2014 23:56 
what is my snail doing? The Hospitalztb231203-Apr-2014 06:41 
planting problem Planted Aquariaztb23230-Mar-2014 00:10 
guppies and algae Livebearers Laneztb231724-Feb-2014 02:13 
pregnant guppy? Livebearers Laneztb23120-Feb-2014 10:28 
why did my otos die? Bottom Feeder Frenzyztb23311-Feb-2014 19:28 
what shrimp can survive in water with copper? Invertebratesztb23407-Feb-2014 18:32 
Ideas for 37 Gallon Tall Getting StartedJfishy402-Feb-2014 19:52 
snail diseases Invertebratesztb23201-Feb-2014 03:04 
What do you think (experienced freshwater aquarium keepers) Getting Startedbsilverfox425-Jan-2014 20:15 
Power outage question General FreshwaterGstrobe188414-Jan-2014 15:46 
Congrats The Recovery RoomMez214-Dec-2013 17:31 
building a stand for 125g tank Technical Tinkeringmoondog424-Nov-2013 00:36 
Severum breathing fast! The HospitalDustinGerard214-Nov-2013 11:30 
Guppies dying, water conditions seem fine The HospitalSamon503-Nov-2013 12:29 
GETTING SICKER BY THE HOUR :( The HospitalGuppiesR_US404-Sep-2013 09:37 
new algae eater possibilities? Bottom Feeder Frenzybarbdarb218-Aug-2013 18:09 
Albino Cory Cat. Bottom Feeder Frenzyfairfarren109-Aug-2013 20:20 
betta sluggish and clumpy tail The Hospitalhouston209-Aug-2013 01:51 
Para Dome bulbs General Freshwaterrjcoviello508-Aug-2013 00:28 
Demasoni cichlids Cichlid CentralMiami Bamboo Bettas111-Jul-2013 01:59 
Semi- Aggressive Community Tank General FreshwaterCichlid Kid305-Jul-2013 14:00 
What is this fish? General Freshwatergjh001201-Jun-2013 02:33 
Pick My 30 Gallon Cichlid Tank Cichlid Centraldjtj1318-Apr-2013 03:29 
Pirate Game The Recovery RoomMez511-Jan-2013 14:06 
Big Fish not eating. The HospitalJRMFTW427-Dec-2012 03:13 
Not sure what kind of fish this is?? General Freshwater~ Nikoleta ~904-Oct-2012 02:02 
Aquarank The Recovery Roomsuperlion427-Sep-2012 22:39 
30 gallon hexagon tank Getting StartedCharliejaebrown231-Aug-2012 14:04 
top dwelling tetra Tetra Talkdupja613-Aug-2012 10:34 
What Kind of Fish Do I Have? Getting StartedTorpeAlex320-Jul-2012 21:41 
Beginner who needs help General Freshwaternesposeidon820-Jul-2012 09:08 
ACA Convention in Indianapolis The Recovery Roomsuperlion106-Jul-2012 21:14 
Cichlid suggestions Cichlid Centraldupja426-Jun-2012 04:36 
fishless cycling Getting Starteddupja110-Jun-2012 11:33 
Update: Crossocheilus siamensis; Field: sciName Reviewed Profileswf1517024-May-2012 22:29 
DIY decorations safe for aquarium AquascapingSkittyKat423-May-2012 17:17 
What percentage of water should be changed? Water Qualitypatman322-May-2012 14:52 
Ammonia levels Getting StartedSkittyKat517-May-2012 03:33 on Facebook? The Recovery RoomMez416-May-2012 23:46 
New Upside Down Catfish :) Bottom Feeder FrenzyCalilasseia208-May-2012 02:55 
Finally getting to start up a Saltwater Tank!!! General Marinedvmchrissy404-May-2012 19:19 
Otocinclus Question Bottom Feeder Frenzyatryeu1509-Apr-2012 08:12 
Need Help!! Getting Startedcecil114-Mar-2012 22:12 
anyone here keep glass catfish? General FreshwaterRookie_Boy1527-Feb-2012 22:00 
New 60 gallon tank... Getting StartedWraith716-Feb-2012 08:22 
Cycling a tank using "soup" from old tank Getting StartedLaurenJ316-Feb-2012 07:11 
What is this fish???? General Freshwaterdirtydutch4x1120-Dec-2011 05:52 
Hi Everyone! I am new here General Freshwaterbeexie203-Dec-2011 00:51 
Superlion's 20-Gallon Log Getting Startedsuperlion1109-Nov-2011 15:11 
Recipe swap? The Recovery Roomsuperlion216-Oct-2011 23:50 
Some new shots from my store Photo Boothmattyboombatty1401-Oct-2011 14:45 
A note on South American puffers General FreshwaterSilasMortimer125-Sep-2011 12:15 
DIY 2 30G TANKS TO 1 60G TANK Technical TinkeringCHOMPPPPP403-Sep-2011 18:17 
Gary's Guppies Classifiedssuperlion418-Aug-2011 00:06 
hi! The Recovery Roomterranova1412-Aug-2011 15:31 
Split fin, possible solution? The HospitalRhanra427-Jul-2011 12:46 
Keeping the tank cool Water QualityJbob1031313-Jul-2011 14:50 
Ideas for tank for church lobby
Pages: 1, 2
Getting Startedsuperlion3012-May-2011 04:27 
New 50-gal tank upgrade - suggestions Getting Startedchendry403-May-2011 14:09 
Intro/information General FreshwaterShadowBass605-Apr-2011 01:48 
Missing Eyeball!?!
Pages: 1, 2
Tetra TalkGeneral Hague2021-Mar-2011 03:35 
Phosphate remover pads and algae? Technical Tinkeringsuperlion601-Feb-2011 02:31 
need to identify my dwarf gouramis Labyrinth Loungeacoll188223-Jan-2011 22:13 
Help me with a college assignment please :) General FreshwaterRookie_Boy1320-Jan-2011 16:02 
Plants that work with sand Planted Aquariamph684514-Dec-2010 18:24 
QUICK QUESTION Cichlid Centralfishkeeper225327-Nov-2010 07:20 
Hello everyone The Recovery RoomNativeKeeper804-Nov-2010 09:21 
Odessa Barbs Cyprinid Cornerzeketaz915-Oct-2010 06:09 
Help with lighting for tetras Tetra Talkfishtooth510-Oct-2010 17:01 
Picture of Leeches The HospitalAgnes408-Aug-2010 05:29 
20 gal. tall ideas General Freshwaterletsgoflyers917-Jul-2010 14:34 
Moving a Shrimp Tank InvertebratesMegil TelZeke301-Jul-2010 00:29 
Well hello there
Pages: 1, 2
The Recovery Roomjust beginning2125-Jun-2010 14:38 
Discus ate their eggs... General Freshwaterm_acontreras215-Jun-2010 21:45 
The travels of a 55 gallon. The Recovery RoomR0B325-May-2010 01:50 
guppy Livebearers Lanefishkeeper225226-Apr-2010 05:55 
Planning a 75 gallon
Pages: 1, 2, 3
Marine Setuptruestar4911-Mar-2010 03:59 
Lobelia Cardinalis Planted AquariaKellyjhw802-Mar-2010 05:02 
How on earth can I get rid of all these snails?
Pages: 1, 2
General Freshwaterzebra2102-Mar-2010 01:39 
Red Phantom and Green Neon Tetras Tetra Talkzeketaz808-Jan-2010 15:04 
To all Have a Happy and Safe Christmas The Recovery Roomkeithgh830-Dec-2009 23:11 
my lfs doesnt sell white cloud mountain minnows HELP!!!!!! Cyprinid Cornerminnowman525-Nov-2009 21:04 
Just how many gallons is it? Getting StartedNaamphong224-Nov-2009 18:29 
Happy Halloween!!! The Recovery RoomBabelfish703-Nov-2009 05:34 
water changes Planted Aquariaragu_ed430-Oct-2009 02:54 
Aquarium Magazine The Recovery Roomsauerkraut321-Oct-2009 22:55 
FS - pet quality coppers & dragons + black plakats ClassifiedsCallatya1112-Oct-2009 04:03 
What's This Brown Stuff?
Pages: 1, 2
General FreshwaterDelenn2306-Oct-2009 03:45 
Would This Combo of Fish Work? General FreshwaterDelenn1812-Sep-2009 05:49 
Stocking 10gal General FreshwaterPaulO1205-Sep-2009 01:10 
Alternative(s) to boiling/baking driftwood AquascapingDonkeyFieldMouse603-Sep-2009 13:02 
Confusing algae problem General FreshwaterSoidfuf719-Aug-2009 04:47 
Office Tank Getting Startedforest14241817-Aug-2009 18:01 
Do I need CO2? Planted AquariaTurboTurtle412-Aug-2009 12:08 
I finally got a good test kit, what next?
Pages: 1, 2
Water Qualityzeketaz3309-Aug-2009 21:05 
MTS reproduction InvertebratesKellyjhw809-Aug-2009 06:17 
100 Gallon Filter Technical Tinkeringgotpaper1981327-Jul-2009 23:52 
Greshakei or Mbenjii? Cichlid CentralSir Syklyd113-Jul-2009 02:33 
Anyone Know What This Is? The Recovery RoomBabelfish403-Jul-2009 00:41 
A 40gallon tall (used)
Pages: 1, 2
Getting StartedKellyjhw3023-Jun-2009 17:52 
Anyone know anything about crested geckos? The Recovery Roomsuperlion1718-Jun-2009 21:55 
Floating Tiger Barbs Cyprinid CornerGourami414-Jun-2009 05:28 
RTB Shark - Feeding Bottom Feeder Frenzysterobin508-Jun-2009 09:18 
Help Identify My New Fish! General Freshwatermoondog1108-Jun-2009 00:39 
6'x2'x2' Cabinet Technical TinkeringGone Fishing302-Jun-2009 08:30 
3D background intalation Technical Tinkeringcoop931-May-2009 05:45 
EGERIA DENSA Has "strings" hanging on it Planted Aquariadreamweaver1030-May-2009 08:11 
Cloudy water with sulphuric smell Water Quality 528-May-2009 16:38 
VERY SAD,i had to put her in the freezer! Cichlid CentralHOKESE1918-May-2009 12:06 
What Plants Is This ? Planted Aquariadonovan511-May-2009 05:49 
Hr 669 The Recovery RoomHOKESE705-May-2009 15:49 
freshwater tank and fish available for adoption, Portsmouth, NH ClassifiedsAnnieM801-May-2009 20:11 
Sick Goldfish? The HospitalCichlid Kid907-Apr-2009 13:19 
Green Spots General Freshwaterkj fishy-finn801-Apr-2009 04:45 
Profiles.... General Freshwaterriri1423-Feb-2009 09:04 
T.V General FreshwaterHOKESE509-Feb-2009 04:35 

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