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What has gone wrong where is every one??????????????????
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The Recovery Roomkeithgh9321-Dec-2022 03:31 
is my guppy sick? General Freshwaterztb23827-Oct-2021 16:59 
a triops with a betta? General Freshwaterztb23725-Oct-2021 14:06 
Ouch ... The Recovery RoomT'Ark'An'Ni Ak'Kan1106-Sep-2021 20:11 
algae problem General Marinealfieferenzo84219-Dec-2017 06:13 
Work in progress 30 gallon acrylic planted Photo BoothSoidfuf415-Dec-2017 06:10 
ztb23 Pregnant Guppy Photo BoothFRANK212-Dec-2017 01:17 
My new Aquarium Diary
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Planted AquariaDr. Bonke26811-Dec-2017 08:29 
Stopping by The Recovery Roomfish patty403-Apr-2017 06:11 
Molly help Livebearers LaneBarb_Fan2821-Feb-2017 20:05 
Brown Algae Water QualitySJinNJ214-Dec-2016 06:37 
Does ANYONE know anything about Glochidia in Bettas?? Labyrinth Loungefishywishygirl106-Oct-2016 05:51 
Help I know nothing! Getting StartedNew to fish206-Oct-2016 05:34 
Black algae wont go away... Water Qualitymykalablack4617-Sep-2016 23:52 
NEW FISH FOR BABY Getting StartedFISHFORBABY217-Sep-2016 23:43 
Lowest cost and easiest way to eliminate green hair, bubble, turf and slime algae from your aquarium...
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General Freshwatersantamonica4717-Sep-2016 23:35 
HELP!!! Going crazy! The HospitalBama88520-Jul-2016 14:16 
3D printing your aquarium parts Technical Tinkeringsantamonica507-Jul-2016 19:12 
How to calcify water Invertebratesztb23427-Jun-2016 01:30 
My first batch of platy fry help please Livebearers LaneMortica 610-Jun-2016 02:09 
parameters Getting Startedfishguyshropshire127-Feb-2016 06:08 
Mega Powerful Nitrate and Phosphate Remover - DIY!
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General Marinesantamonica15627-Jan-2016 20:40 
Heater problems The HospitalBama88421-Jan-2016 21:39 
looking for ideas Getting StartedTabs 1306-Jan-2016 00:43 
Resurrecting a Silent Giant pump Technical Tinkeringfancyangels523-Sep-2015 22:58 
Tetra species problem General Freshwaterandbeonetraveler214-Jul-2015 21:40 
Happy 2015 The Recovery RoomMez712-Jul-2015 00:11 
Female betta + Columbian tetras in a community tank? General Freshwaterandbeonetraveler306-Jul-2015 05:36 
horrible tapwater! Water Qualityaqh88225-Jun-2015 02:27 
river tank substrate and stocking General Freshwateraqh88222-Jun-2015 19:55 
sick striped peacock eel The HospitalBetty Leake011-May-2015 16:38 
I think it's a water problem...? Water Quality3derydr618-Apr-2015 13:39 
Need to match airstone bubble pattern: What type of airstone do I need? General Freshwaterranger6350218-Apr-2015 04:50 
Tiger barbs and Danios...?? General FreshwaterPepeTheKingPrawn630-Mar-2015 04:41 
Plant replacement advice Planted Aquariahembo666427-Mar-2015 04:49 
One step closer The Recovery RoomKellyjhw320-Mar-2015 10:27 
Betta help Labyrinth Loungekitten707-Mar-2015 22:42 
Planted tanks Planted AquariaAquarium4um.com107-Mar-2015 01:26 
How much salt do you use for your liverbearer tanks Livebearers Lanelifeofcrimeguy504-Mar-2015 07:23 
buying a used tank Getting StartedSonoranDesert302-Mar-2015 22:31 
Apple Snail eating leaves Invertebratesvas_nas419-Feb-2015 15:03 
Cooper based meds The HospitalGoldie12116-Feb-2015 06:46 
Garage Tank?? General FreshwaterBamaboy88414-Feb-2015 11:48 
Water Values Getting StartedGoldie12213-Feb-2015 23:45 
New 38 gallon - filter help Getting StartedSPG513-Feb-2015 22:01 
New Tank Water QualityNaamphong310-Feb-2015 05:28 
gravel vac on planted tank Planted Aquariaitsjustme1966521-Jan-2015 11:53 
It's 2015 - Time for plant tank re-do's Planted AquariaDaMossMan119-Jan-2015 07:15 
New to Aquatic Plants Planted Aquariachopper3678412-Jan-2015 07:05 
Frank\'s home addition Photo BoothFRANK516-Nov-2014 14:47 
low cost tank cooler Technical Tinkeringztb23709-Nov-2014 06:21 
peacock eel. Bottom Feeder Frenzybarbdarb508-Nov-2014 09:12 
How ?? The Recovery RoomOld Fish Nut208-Oct-2014 21:57 
ID question Tetra Talkjsciacca125-Sep-2014 06:38 
Identify this plant? Planted AquariaSoidfuf222-Sep-2014 22:00 
aquascaping Aquascapingfishkeeper225327-Aug-2014 07:15 
brine shrimp and light Invertebratesztb23218-Aug-2014 14:48 
Experienced pea puffer care General Freshwaterztb23218-Aug-2014 03:19 
Columnaris? The Hospitalbkaryn118-Jun-2014 20:11 
checking in.. The Recovery Roommonkeyboy204-May-2014 23:56 
Fertilizers Planted Aquariaztb23308-Apr-2014 06:35 
Fossilized wood Aquascapingztb23805-Apr-2014 23:42 
what is my snail doing? The Hospitalztb231203-Apr-2014 06:41 
aquarank seems to be working again The Recovery Roommoondog128-Mar-2014 05:04 
Help, new tank and lost both my African Dwarf frogs and 3 fish Getting Startedalshnicole319-Mar-2014 02:23 
Endler and Fancy guppies together? Livebearers Laneztb23216-Mar-2014 22:04 
well im stupid..... Getting Startedztb23611-Mar-2014 08:02 
did this kill my betta? Labyrinth Loungeztb23510-Mar-2014 08:55 
Biowheel? Technical Tinkeringztb23210-Mar-2014 08:44 
black kuhli loach Bottom Feeder Frenzyztb23306-Mar-2014 20:19 
guppies and algae Livebearers Laneztb231724-Feb-2014 02:13 
Back .. with a vengance? :) The Recovery Roommonkeyboy113-Feb-2014 00:35 
stressed fish after acclimation General Freshwaterztb23212-Feb-2014 04:14 
does it matter where the thermometer is? Technical Tinkeringztb23308-Feb-2014 21:54 
air pump problem Technical Tinkeringztb23207-Feb-2014 18:32 
Ideas for 37 Gallon Tall Getting StartedJfishy402-Feb-2014 19:52 
brine shrimp Vs fairy shrimp General Freshwaterztb23601-Feb-2014 21:32 
how can i feed my snail? Invertebratesztb23431-Jan-2014 23:40 
what else can i do? General Freshwaterztb231931-Jan-2014 00:45 
is this weird for a betta to do? General Freshwaterztb231327-Jan-2014 00:00 
What do you think (experienced freshwater aquarium keepers) Getting Startedbsilverfox425-Jan-2014 20:15 
am i stressing my betta and his tank mates? General Freshwaterztb231221-Jan-2014 07:44 
Howdy Getting StartedTF4um220-Jan-2014 22:16 
Power outage question General FreshwaterGstrobe188414-Jan-2014 15:46 
Algae blooms Water QualityCaviar702-Jan-2014 01:06 
For the love of Cats... The Recovery RoomFRANK029-Nov-2013 23:29 
Two Questions - Heater and Water Level General Freshwatersoclosetome629-Nov-2013 23:25 
10 gallon opinions Bottom Feeder FrenzyBama88326-Nov-2013 02:37 
Oscar with Ick Cichlid CentralNick225-Nov-2013 23:09 
building a stand for 125g tank Technical Tinkeringmoondog424-Nov-2013 00:36 
Guppies dying, water conditions seem fine The HospitalSamon503-Nov-2013 12:29 
central american cichlids Cichlid Centralfish042099427-Sep-2013 21:22 
55Gallon particle board stand Getting StartedCichlid Kid227-Sep-2013 21:14 
Clown Pleco????? General Freshwateraquariumlover10214-Sep-2013 20:16 
getting s-ich-er by the day! The Hospitalbarbdarb312-Sep-2013 05:45 
eel sick, help? The Hospitalbarbdarb423-Aug-2013 23:45 
I have baby snails in a separate tank from my main tank.. Invertebratesfairfarren420-Aug-2013 18:08 
my 30g set up! Photo Boothbarbdarb309-Aug-2013 23:28 
Para Dome bulbs General Freshwaterrjcoviello508-Aug-2013 00:28 
Blue Green Algae War Planted Aquariakj fishy-finn1907-Aug-2013 23:13 
Rainbow cichlids Cichlid CentralMiami Bamboo Bettas111-Jul-2013 22:31 
Cichlids or not Cichlid CentralMitchee523-Jun-2013 03:45 
My First Baby Pictures Photo BoothSir Syklyd617-Jun-2013 22:03 
high ammonia Water Qualitysharkeg304-May-2013 23:12 
Aggressive Diamond Tetra Tetra Talkblackadder321-Apr-2013 03:43 
Oscars, Black Knife Fish and Parrot Fish Cyprinid CornerDude318-Apr-2013 23:08 
What'd I miss? The Recovery RoomJust Mitch917-Apr-2013 21:45 
Lone Jewel Cichlid Cichlid Centralandrea11113-Apr-2013 23:44 
I want to eradicate hexamita trophites(sp?) from empty aquariums. The Hospitalgeisleri104-Apr-2013 22:59 
5 gallon nano planted shrimp/quarantine tank InvertebratesRED PHANTOM1521-Mar-2013 22:51 
Well it has certainly been a while Photo BoothTetra Fan821-Mar-2013 00:52 
What the heck is going on with my (relatively new) tank? Getting Starteddevong1987327-Feb-2013 09:27 
add on to filter Technical Tinkeringleonclay208-Feb-2013 04:34 
Platy who stays near heater The HospitalPuckTheWendyDragon305-Feb-2013 21:26 
panda cory swimming in place Bottom Feeder Frenzyjboston19129-Jan-2013 04:35 
Loach Changed Color? Getting StartedZenJen78129-Jan-2013 04:29 
25g 'Mosstarium' tank blog Planted AquariaDaMossMan517-Jan-2013 05:36 
Medication and my Rainbow Shark The HospitalSomeGuyWhoKillsPeople315-Jan-2013 01:04 
BN Rescue General FreshwaterBabelfish312-Jan-2013 06:25 
Stocking 60 gal General Freshwatermrsmonty430-Dec-2012 12:09 
75g replant
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AquascapingDaMossMan3022-Dec-2012 20:08 
designing diy sump Technical Tinkeringjeves414-Dec-2012 07:45 
Good 5 Gallon Tank Getting Startedkj fishy-finn309-Dec-2012 03:20 
mystery goldfish illness The Hospitalcharley205-Dec-2012 06:01 
White Beta fin bleeding The Hospitalnewmomtomeg127-Nov-2012 23:08 
125 Gallon setup Photo BoothKellyjhw1030-Oct-2012 00:17 
Inherited the old family 30g tank... General FreshwaterAlcasan925-Oct-2012 22:23 
eheim external filter Technical Tinkeringjeves320-Oct-2012 16:21 
hidding fish General FreshwaterSpaniard22404-Oct-2012 02:04 
What kind of fish are these? General FreshwaterGBC329-Sep-2012 22:23 
duration of platys pregnancy Livebearers LaneNick129-Sep-2012 15:08 
Aquarank The Recovery Roomsuperlion427-Sep-2012 22:39 
20 gal. tank update Photo BoothMaximilianDub921-Sep-2012 22:20 
fx5 flow problems Technical Tinkeringflipperocks118-Sep-2012 05:55 
20 gallon long General Freshwaterkitten617-Sep-2012 14:20 
leaking tank Technical Tinkeringflipperocks117-Sep-2012 14:17 
My blue crayfish has eggs but only other crayfish is a white kind InvertebratesGBC207-Sep-2012 14:20 
30 gallon hexagon tank Getting StartedCharliejaebrown231-Aug-2012 14:04 
my angel fish caught something to make his eye large The HospitalAlfrejohn131-Aug-2012 13:58 
What to feed my community? Getting StartedCharliejaebrown922-Aug-2012 06:51 
Betta and bumblebee catfish, can they get along? Labyrinth LoungeRED PHANTOM901-Aug-2012 01:57 
Another confused person here Water Qualitybkaryn212-Jul-2012 05:14 
how long do i need my lights on for Planted Aquariarandom-cichlid312-Jul-2012 05:12 
I'm finally back The Recovery Roomamazondon105-Jul-2012 05:26 
Cichlid suggestions Cichlid Centraldupja426-Jun-2012 04:36 
Convert Fish Tank, to Terrarium Getting StartedFishMom415-Jun-2012 02:24 
Problem with string algea on live plants General FreshwaterNewBreeder16129-May-2012 05:01 
What percentage of water should be changed? Water Qualitypatman322-May-2012 14:52 
Ammonia levels Getting StartedSkittyKat517-May-2012 03:33 on Facebook? The Recovery RoomMez416-May-2012 23:46 
How fancy RO (RODI?) unit? Getting StartedJim Dandy1010-May-2012 00:14 
Predator tetras Tetra TalkKellyjhw609-Apr-2012 09:13 
Otocinclus Question Bottom Feeder Frenzyatryeu1509-Apr-2012 08:12 
Sand vs. pebble/rock General Freshwatercaptonize227-Mar-2012 23:06 
Need help with my oscar tank !!! Getting Startedrusty1225-Mar-2012 18:45 
Bubbling Treasure Chests a Death Trap... The Hospitaldavyboy1220-Mar-2012 00:00 
I have no idea where to put this topic! The Recovery RoomKellyjhw928-Feb-2012 17:49 
ich and high amonia The Hospitaldupja818-Feb-2012 22:38 
nitrite problems Water Qualitymia07324-Jan-2012 01:02 
Tankmates for Zebra Danios
Pages: 1, 2
Cyprinid Corneratryeu2520-Jan-2012 03:25 
external filter Technical Tinkeringjeves217-Jan-2012 00:07 
Amonia and nitrite Water QualityBen_C1214-Jan-2012 15:43 
algae in new planted tank Planted Aquariarandom-cichlid103-Jan-2012 15:53 
Will 2 heaters be enuff? General FreshwaterHOKESE529-Dec-2011 14:58 
new planted tank i need help and ideas cheers Planted Aquariarandom-cichlid923-Dec-2011 14:54 
What is this fish???? General Freshwaterdirtydutch4x1120-Dec-2011 05:52 
Dead Snails The Hospitalacoll188117-Dec-2011 12:32 
algea eater for a small pond Coldwater, Watergardens, and Pondsoz196623-Nov-2011 06:28 
red terror Cichlid CentralSpaniard22221-Nov-2011 00:54 
Got a brand new 125 gallon tank with me<x>tal stand Planted AquariaKellyjhw113-Nov-2011 16:17 
Superlion's 20-Gallon Log Getting Startedsuperlion1109-Nov-2011 15:11 
Lucky Bamboo with Fish? Getting StartedPez819-Oct-2011 01:04 
Buffalo head cichlid Cichlid CentralSpaniard22116-Oct-2011 21:45 
How to PERMANENTLY remove ick disease The Hospitaljake7215-Oct-2011 22:46 
Simple 20 Gallon : ] Photo BoothMaximilianDub301-Oct-2011 14:42 
live plants Aquascapingrainbow60326-Sep-2011 14:17 
reverse osmosis Water Qualityjeves222-Sep-2011 17:26 
My Cichlid Tank Photo BoothTusker415-Sep-2011 14:14 
Help - want to set up a Ram tank Cichlid Centralfishychik513-Sep-2011 22:10 
Weak anacharis?/elodea? stems Planted AquariaCHOMPPPPP109-Sep-2011 13:47 
Black Sludge/Algae Problem Planted Aquariakj fishy-finn408-Sep-2011 01:31 
DIY 2 30G TANKS TO 1 60G TANK Technical TinkeringCHOMPPPPP403-Sep-2011 18:17 
new 75 gal plant tank
Pages: 1, 2
AquascapingDaMossMan2530-Aug-2011 21:36 
strip light needs new ballast Planted Aquariaaldergal1230-Aug-2011 12:56 
Hi members! The Recovery RoomPattinson319-Aug-2011 02:53 
Cac cleaner for 4ft BN tank Bottom Feeder Frenzymembreya317-Aug-2011 19:26 
Pufffreely's obligatory hello post The Recovery Roompufffreely417-Aug-2011 17:59 
Cheap Substrate AquascapingBen_C113-Aug-2011 14:19 
hi! The Recovery Roomterranova1412-Aug-2011 15:31 
Undergravel filters? Technical TinkeringPotto09410-Aug-2011 23:13 
Where we are all from The Recovery Roomdavyboy831-Jul-2011 02:02 
Iodised Iodized salt ? Getting StartedFish_Eyes321-Jul-2011 22:50 
Upgrading tank. wishing to go larger fishes Cichlid CentralStarfish402-Jul-2011 21:42 
Can you eat sea snails The Recovery Roomacoll188725-Jun-2011 15:51 
27 Gallon Hexagon Tank Getting StartedDholden007425-Jun-2011 14:05 
Fish tank problems The Hospitalacoll188725-Jun-2011 13:45 
Fish tank problems The Hospitalacoll188122-Jun-2011 13:28 
Stocking a 5 Gallon General FreshwaterTubeSock407-Jun-2011 04:03 
sick guppy The Hospitalwigwom82506-Jun-2011 04:23 
My tank levels are off :( Getting StartedMouthWords320-May-2011 14:43 
Ideas for tank for church lobby
Pages: 1, 2
Getting Startedsuperlion3012-May-2011 04:27 
New 50-gal tank upgrade - suggestions Getting Startedchendry403-May-2011 14:09 
3-Day Feeder Pyramids General Freshwateratryeu430-Apr-2011 05:59 
My new tank is a death-trap, please help Getting Startedebineesey820-Apr-2011 03:04 
Tank Babysitting General Freshwaterkj fishy-finn1110-Apr-2011 07:11 
Intro/information General FreshwaterShadowBass605-Apr-2011 01:48 
Sickeness The Hospitalbooney225-Mar-2011 14:20 
Frans Stoffels Planted Aquariaamazondon521-Mar-2011 23:43 
Brackish Damsels??? General MarineJYJason607-Mar-2011 00:26 
Aquaponics (hydroponics... BUT WITH FISH!) General Freshwaterbrandeeno406-Mar-2011 19:51 
powerhead question Planted Aquariaitsjustme19661726-Feb-2011 12:41 
what causes this... Planted Aquariaitsjustme1966122-Feb-2011 06:29 
may be living in Guam for a little while General FreshwaterLophelia917-Feb-2011 14:55 
Opinions on the new LED strip lights Technical TinkeringKellyjhw507-Feb-2011 16:39 
Contaminated Equipment Technical Tinkeringajm558404-Feb-2011 16:15 
Waiting for the balmy teens!!! The Recovery RoomFRANK203-Feb-2011 06:38 
Phosphate remover pads and algae? Technical Tinkeringsuperlion601-Feb-2011 02:31 
Lighting problem Technical Tinkeringtechjak730-Jan-2011 07:13 
EBJD question Cichlid Centralzeketaz327-Jan-2011 02:27 
Broken hood Technical Tinkeringdavyboy325-Jan-2011 19:01 
Tank Cleaners Bottom Feeder Frenzydavyboy524-Jan-2011 17:36 
stress coat Technical Tinkeringlarocha420-Jan-2011 12:02 
Danio's and Aquarium Salt Cyprinid Cornerdavyboy620-Jan-2011 01:16 
Betta's and Aquarium Salt Labyrinth Loungedavyboy218-Jan-2011 05:05 
Neon Tetra's and Aquarium Salt Tetra Talkdavyboy117-Jan-2011 18:01 
Please identify this fish Bottom Feeder Frenzygordonuk212-Jan-2011 14:51 
55 Gallon Livebearer Community Photo Boothjoegti10109-Jan-2011 23:04 
cloudy water Water Qualityamazondon507-Jan-2011 23:48 
two dead one acting funny... The Hospitalcashwellspent1107-Jan-2011 23:00 
New 55 gallon Bottom Feeder FrenzySoidfuf307-Jan-2011 11:33 
Otocinclus health The HospitalJbob10311107-Jan-2011 09:31 
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The Recovery RoomFRANK503-Jan-2011 23:48 
Speel Chex The Recovery RoomFRANK603-Jan-2011 17:02 
Loud air pump stressing 2 guppies Getting StartedGuppy3203-Jan-2011 08:29 
A watt is a watt is a watt Planted Aquariatechjak101-Jan-2011 07:36 
cant rid the tank of it!!! The Hospitalitsjustme19661029-Dec-2010 15:25 
Low Nitrates? Water Qualityzeketaz428-Dec-2010 07:23 
First timer Planted Aquariarambo_motim625-Dec-2010 00:24 
Merry Christmas! The Recovery RoomLindy224-Dec-2010 07:16 
Plants that work with sand Planted Aquariamph684514-Dec-2010 18:24 
Harlequin Rasbora Color is Fading Cyprinid Cornersdwade327-Nov-2010 07:20 
my 1st Malawi tank... Cichlid CentralIcelander215-Nov-2010 00:03 
Diving into the deep end - My 10 Gallon Heavily Planted and DIY Projects
Pages: 1, 2, 3
Planted AquariaGomer5625-Oct-2010 07:13 
Newly Planted 20G
Pages: 1, 2
Planted Aquariakj fishy-finn3120-Oct-2010 14:51 
Odessa Barbs Cyprinid Cornerzeketaz915-Oct-2010 06:09 
Back with a updated computer The Recovery Roomkeithgh1513-Oct-2010 21:07 
Help with lighting for tetras Tetra Talkfishtooth510-Oct-2010 17:01 
Plants Planted AquariaAlex303-Oct-2010 06:33 
Lighting Question Planted Aquariamimo601-Oct-2010 14:10 
How long do hob filters last Technical Tinkeringwish-ga613-Sep-2010 23:45 
Plants for a Low Light Southeast Asian Setup Planted AquariaDiscuslover87726-Aug-2010 02:02 
Ideal way to lower the pH Water QualityDiscuslover87325-Aug-2010 14:48 
Best Approach to Fertilizing Planted Aquariakj fishy-finn216-Aug-2010 21:57 
37 gal long vs. 37 gal tall Getting StartedFishyNails409-Aug-2010 00:29 
REDEYE SWORDFISH The HospitalAgnes308-Aug-2010 05:41 
Green lace shrimp InvertebratesDonkeyFieldMouse706-Aug-2010 00:35 
Back in the "saddle" again... Getting Starteddvmchrissy303-Aug-2010 07:41 
Bolbitus Planted AquariaBabelfish525-Jul-2010 22:50 
Hello everyone!! The Recovery RoomAMD Fanatic421-Jul-2010 13:37 
20 gal. tall ideas General Freshwaterletsgoflyers917-Jul-2010 14:34 
Electric hot water heater? Technical Tinkeringmaha22117-Jul-2010 14:23 
Heater? Technical Tinkeringlowlight517-Jul-2010 14:16 
Plant offspring problem Planted AquariaTroy_Mclure805-Jul-2010 07:01 
10 Gallon Planted Questions Getting StartedEthan14204-Jul-2010 06:10 
Algae Water Qualityfishkeeper928-Jun-2010 12:09 
Electric yellow scale funny The Hospitalcindyp203328-Jun-2010 11:41 
Anyone good at IDing fish from the Great Barrier Reef? (DUW) The Recovery RoomNatalie1425-Jun-2010 20:43 
Well hello there
Pages: 1, 2
The Recovery Roomjust beginning2125-Jun-2010 14:38 
Swords, Aggressive? Livebearers LaneBabelfish419-Jun-2010 02:18 
Catching Ich General FreshwaterBabelfish817-Jun-2010 03:10 
The travels of a 55 gallon. The Recovery RoomR0B325-May-2010 01:50 
New tank! Photo BoothShinigami821-May-2010 19:38 
Wild Semi Royal Green Discus Cichlid CentralTW1318-May-2010 15:51 
Newbie help Coldwater, Watergardens, and Pondsappleshoe1218-May-2010 01:49 
R/O Water Water Qualitygauntlet917-May-2010 03:55 
City water? Water Qualityhusky49931626-Apr-2010 05:31 
80gal with Angels Photo Boothitsjustme19661721-Apr-2010 02:35 
Feeding a pleco lettuce Bottom Feeder Frenzyvenustus421-Mar-2010 15:18 
pH Water Qualitytlane1715-Mar-2010 03:21 
Starting the Gentle Conversion to Brackish General Brackishtlkng1314-Mar-2010 21:25 
Do you know about CHAT The Recovery Roomkeithgh914-Mar-2010 04:56 
red devil help Cichlid Centralstevie14212-Mar-2010 14:30 
Packet cake mix
Pages: 1, 2, 3
The Recovery RoomCallatya4008-Mar-2010 06:23 
Learning my Nanoreef Reef Keepinghundredakerwood707-Mar-2010 14:41 
Neon Tetra behavior. Tetra Talkscottg1731004-Mar-2010 08:02 
Lobelia Cardinalis Planted AquariaKellyjhw802-Mar-2010 05:02 
Dwarf Pike Cichlids Cichlid Centraljakegill12328-Feb-2010 01:06 
How Many? General Freshwaterbrandeeno1116-Feb-2010 03:53 
Osmotic shock. Water Qualitylowlight411-Feb-2010 22:08 
Stocking 29 gallon tank- need advice Getting Startedamazonfishkeeper609-Feb-2010 21:39 
Minimum tank size? InvertebratesKellyjhw1005-Feb-2010 02:31 
Supplements Planted Aquariaamackattack1002-Feb-2010 15:40 
HELP HELP SICK PREGNANT GUPPY!! The Hospitalamazonfishkeeper201-Feb-2010 07:24 
Are all kuhli loaches pigs? Bottom Feeder Frenzyzeketaz901-Feb-2010 02:17 
Bulb type Planted Aquariaamackattack431-Jan-2010 17:34 
New Large Tank Setup Getting Startedamackattack1431-Jan-2010 07:19 
Placo together with the Cichlids ....??? Cichlid CentralBartek101530-Jan-2010 22:02 
sad sevrun The Hospitalandyandbecki621-Jan-2010 12:20 
60 gal softwater planning Getting StartedRefactor1120-Jan-2010 04:25 
My active threads list.Can I reduce it ? The Recovery Roomkeithgh720-Jan-2010 02:14 
Lionfish?? Marine Setupchopper3678619-Jan-2010 03:06 
Pages: 1, 2
Getting Starteddudehi2613-Jan-2010 02:47 
Can you name these plants? Planted AquariaKellyjhw1112-Jan-2010 20:57 
Red Phantom and Green Neon Tetras Tetra Talkzeketaz808-Jan-2010 15:04 
Where Do I Start With Coral Sand?! Planted Aquariamoose207-Jan-2010 08:31 
WOAH! what a leap! Bottom Feeder Frenzydevon7204-Jan-2010 07:22 
Safe online plant purchasing. General FreshwaterDonkeyFieldMouse403-Jan-2010 18:06 
Sunset gourami?
Pages: 1, 2
Labyrinth Loungezeketaz2303-Jan-2010 03:28 
Not sure how to calculate stocking? General Freshwaterdevon7302-Jan-2010 10:19 
question about gravel Getting Starteddudehi501-Jan-2010 16:14 
To all Have a Happy and Safe Christmas The Recovery Roomkeithgh830-Dec-2009 23:11 
Neutral Regulator? Water Qualityzeketaz1925-Dec-2009 05:56 
Need Help with Oscar The HospitalCichlid Keeper822-Dec-2009 08:28 
Cherry Shrimp and Julies? Invertebratesbrandeeno320-Dec-2009 13:07 
Lighting... Reef Keepingcherrybarb216-Dec-2009 12:34 
3 weeks to age water? Water Qualityitsjustme1966415-Dec-2009 06:32 
Newbie/First Tank Getting StartedJTF515-Dec-2009 01:38 
My New Tetra (Wolf Fish) - Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus
Pages: 1, 2
Tetra TalkMez2514-Dec-2009 22:54 
I think my Yo-yo's went on strike! Bottom Feeder FrenzyKellyjhw613-Dec-2009 19:29 
What should I put in? Getting Startedcichlidl0ver1810-Dec-2009 06:55 
Ammonia to Nitrite Question.... Getting Startedm_acontreras209-Dec-2009 21:46 
Angelfish with Discus ?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
Cichlid CentralDaMossMan5409-Dec-2009 18:55 
Disaster Strike General FreshwaterCalilasseia804-Dec-2009 04:06 
New tank! Need Ideas! 29g General Freshwaterdevon7630-Nov-2009 08:40 
Wood Shrimp Dying!!!! Invertebratesdevon7229-Nov-2009 18:49 
WOW 3 feet of snow! The Recovery RoomKellyjhw923-Nov-2009 16:59 
Extremely high Nitrites? Cichlid Central4fish723-Nov-2009 13:51 
Sooooo much reading........need help. Cichlid CentralCowboyDave121-Nov-2009 15:44 
Cloudy water from dirt substrate... General Freshwaterm_acontreras621-Nov-2009 07:11 
Help please - first time with Mopani Driftwood AquascapingTom O.820-Nov-2009 04:23 
10 gallon make-over Getting Startedku56261319-Nov-2009 12:16 
My 37 gallon Aquarium
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Getting StartedDelenn8319-Nov-2009 11:02 
Planted Tank Substrate Planted Aquariaaquapickle271317-Nov-2009 04:47 
Planting a 55 gallon tank. Planted AquariaDonnieBoy1316-Nov-2009 21:29 
New Emperor Tetras and plecs
Pages: 1, 2
The HospitalKellyjhw2116-Nov-2009 20:08 
How do you stock a hex tank? General Freshwaterhca1614-Nov-2009 08:48 
50 cube (High Tech) Planted AquariaForever-mango410-Nov-2009 15:45 
im starting a marine tank HELP ME S.O.S General Marine1st_signer408-Nov-2009 05:54 
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